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  1. That sounds great thanks. I'm not an expert at panel config but would like to have a go.
  2. Hi Mathijs. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have re-read my question which wasn't very clear. I realise that you have no plans to implement GTN750 compatibility for the Twin Otter and I can never properly insert into the VC. I wondered if it is possible to change a config setting somewhere so that when I mouse click on the default GPS in the VC the 2d window that opens is the GTN750 not the default. Is this possible? It would make flying the plane more realistic and be a good working compromise. Regards Mike
  3. I realise the F1 GTN750 cannot be placed in the VC of the Twin Otter but for some reason I can't see the F1 GTN Stack even though it is installed. Anybody had or solved this issue? Also is it possible to get the click on the Virtual Cockpit GPS to open the GTN750 window rather than the default 530 window. That would be really useful. Mike
  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me if the Aerosoft Seahawk/ Jayhawk is compatible with FSX-Steam? It is not clear on the web page and obviously I don't want to spend the money to then find it isn't. Thanks Mike
  5. A thought, does the frequency appear in the MCDU at any time in the flight if the arrival is entered or does it only appear on the rad page when the ils signal is in range ?
  6. My A319 seems to have stopped autmoatically entering ils frequencies in the rad/ nav page when choosing a runway and star in the MCDU. Anyone else had this problem or know why it might be happening?
  7. I was setting an offset to a waypoint in the MCDU and immediately I entered a distance (5L in this case) FSX crashed to the desktop with the following error. Axe CoRte Editor FMGS.ini not found in< C:\users\admin\documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\FlightPlans\FMGS.INI Program will be terminated! I think I may have solved this, it was the company route editor needed an upgrade to load. I have not tried the MCDU again but will in the next few days, I assume the MCDU was trying to edit the route somehow using CoRte editor and could not load it. Thought I would post in case anyone else has the same issue. Mike
  8. Later in the flight the lower numbers work, maybe its a distance thing. I'm going to be embarrassed if is this in the manuals:-)
  9. I don't seem to be able to insert a fixed ring below 75 miles. I have seen this done on youtube videos such as the one below but when I try to do it the button to the left is unresponsive if the figure is below 75? Regards Mike ""
  10. I have never been able to solve this. Has anyone else been able to choose which card sounds go to with this aircraft?
  11. All sorted, thanks for your help. Mike
  12. I found hotfix 4 as well. Wise advice, I always make copy. What could possibly go wrong 🙂
  13. Thanks for that Mark. This is just copied over the the existing panel directory in \Airplanes\Aerosoft_DHC6_300_WHEEL, or any of the other types; replacing any files prompted? Thanks Mike I bought your book a while ago, I must dig it out again now i've started to fly this again.
  14. Thanks Mathijs. That would be great. Mike
  15. Hi Mark, I've just realised who you are. I have enjoyed watching your videos on the Twin Otter; fantastic cockpit. Regards, Mike
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