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  1. I have never been able to solve this. Has anyone else been able to choose which card sounds go to with this aircraft?
  2. All sorted, thanks for your help. Mike
  3. I found hotfix 4 as well. Wise advice, I always make copy. What could possibly go wrong šŸ™‚
  4. Thanks for that Mark. This is just copied over the the existing panel directory in \Airplanes\Aerosoft_DHC6_300_WHEEL, or any of the other types; replacing any files prompted? Thanks Mike I bought your book a while ago, I must dig it out again now i've started to fly this again.
  5. Thanks Mathijs. That would be great. Mike
  6. Hi Mark, I've just realised who you are. I have enjoyed watching your videos on the Twin Otter; fantastic cockpit. Regards, Mike
  7. Mark, Is that an add on fix or does it do it anyway?
  8. Thanks, that's interesting Mathijs. I suppose in real life ATC provide vectors to the ils, or GPS is used. Odd for a plane that operates in some pretty remote airfields though.
  9. I tried an NDB ils approach to rwy 30 at Cardiff this evening and found I could not tune the NDB in the Twin Otter as there is a 0.5 in its frequency. Is there an update or fix for this? Mike
  10. Is anyone able to answer this one for me? I have to have the default card to headphones until PROATC allows a choice of a soundcard to send ATC to. Thanks Mike
  11. Does anyone fly transatlantic from JFK to London City? Do I need to tweak it in some way to do this, I believe the BA version only had 32 business class seats and extra fuel tanks?
  12. I have the aerosoft A319. In FSX settings I have 'sounds' set to one card and 'voice' set to another for atc headphones . The engine sound comes through the 'sounds' card but the switches and chimes in the cockpit all come through the 'voice' card. Is this normal for the airbus, can the card for these sounds be chosen? The 'voice' card is windows default to allow use of pro-atc through the headphones, could this be why?
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