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  1. I will try to recreate it I’ve been busy traveling and at work and it is on the current nav database I also noticed it started happening after I updated the nav database
  2. @Aplato Yeah ive removed discons and it still does this sometimes it will make a super thick line from the down station to the up station and FPS will tank to the point its a slideshow
  3. @Hoffie3000Yeah Solid white lines indicates its been executed it seems to happen once any modification happens after excuting the final flight plan
  4. Hey ive been having issues when adding sids/stars and going direct waypoints it creates a bunch of track lines sometimes lagging out the simulator completely im not sure why its doing it i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it still does it. It will also fail to follow the correct trackline once this happens
  5. Hey my first couple flights went off without a hitch brilliant product although ive been having issues going direct to waypoints or adding SIDs/STARs it adds a million white lines and lags out the sim sometimes or it creates a line mess like this im not quite sure how to fix this
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