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  1. Nice update. However a few simple things could be improved: The name has changed to Stuttgart Manfred Rommel Airport. Maybe you can add the new name as on this picture: And what about the "Ey", this Pretzel-like building and the new car park that have been built? Next to that I like to use the static aircraft but the liveries of the Delta 767 and Germanwings A320s are quite outdated. Can you get new paint on them? I don't know how close the ORBX South Germany Scenery will come to the aircraft border if both products are installed. But the "Fildern" are way to flat in the sim. I went to work (at the airport) by bike from Sielmingen and I can tell you my tongue was about to get trapped in the pedals. So if that is within the airport scenery's border maybe a more realistic elevation model could be implemented. You payed a lot of attention to the tower and real,- shopping center. But where's the "Bäcker Schill" with its viewing terrace? It's right in fron of the tower in reality. You might find it on google earth or select "BäckerCafe Bernhausen" on this site: http://www.bäcker-schill.de/standorte/ And how about some static military aircraft at the US base? The police has new Airbus helicopters. Can you get one of them as static model in front of their hangar? The girls and guys from strforum.de might be able and willing to help you getting photos. It's a great spotter community and a lot of young talents for sure would be willing to help if they can get some discount on the finished product. Getting kids off the road... I know it took you some work to make this airport compatible with P3D V4. But to my eye the airport looks the same as in older sims. You "just" made it work in P3D V4. And that's why it seems kind of outdated even though it's working fine. So where is the reason I had to pay 5€ (not complaining, just wondering) for this update when others came for free (Oslo, Mallorca, Ibiza, etc.)? Is it because the ex German Airports series is an in-house production of Aerosoft while the other addons have been built by some 3rd party developers?
  2. Ok. That sounds a bit too expensive to experiment around. And how do you place your generated objects within the sim? I've seen on the Johannesburg Airport that you can use satellite Images to properly place your buildings. What programm is that?
  3. What programs do scenery designers use today to create models and entire airports with professional layouts like this? I'm getting into Airport Design Editor at the moment. But as far as I can see I can only work with the standard FSX objects. Building complex buildings like yours seems to require CAD programs. Any recommondations?
  4. Thank you for your replies! The AirDailyX list is much more up to date than Aerosoft's own list.
  5. Hello everybody! I have a question regarding the capability list for P3D and Aerosoft Products. I recently switched from FSX to P3D V3.1. It's a completely new setup on my iMac. The Windows partition was created from scratch with Bootcamp. No other simulator ever was installed before installing P3D I checked all my purchases from the online store whether they can be installed in P3D or not. Most of them can't because they're simply to old. However a few products like US Cities Las Vegas and Chicago as well as Manhattan X are listed to work with P3D. Mega Airport Munich is neither listed in the compatibility list nor can this add-on be found if I filter the products page for the P3D simulator. But if I look at the file name in my account of the download shop it states that it is/was compatible with P3D: "AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-MUNICH_FSX-P3D-FSXSTEAM.zip". I installed Munich without a problem. The only thing I had to do was to select the main P3D folder manually. Than the installer detected the necessary files (even though I have P3D V3.1 instead of V2.X that is mentioned in the installer screen) and installed the airport. At day time I can't see any faults. Maybe there's something wrong with the PAPI lights but that's a minor item. The PAPI lights disappear as soon as I pass the aiport fence. Altitude doesn't matter. I flew several touch&goes on 08R on the glide slope as well as below and above. The lights always disappear when I pass the fence. The light assembly can always be seen (the metal construction that holds the bulps of the PAPI system). Only the red and white lights go out of view. However, at night, there are no runway lights at all. I flew over to Erding and the lights of this airport, that I don't have an add-on for, work as they should. So it seems as only Munich has the light problem and everything is ok with the P3D standard scenery. Next to the missing runway lights at night the entire airport seems to stay in daylight mode. The grass is still green, the terminals are not lighted etc. Everything is darker than during daytime but it's still daylight-mode. I also installed the seasonal textures for winter. But it didn't make any change to the scenery's problems within P3D. Wouldn't it be a good idea to create a more detailed compatibility list that enables the clients to see which product works under which version of P3D? I know it's a bunch of work. And I know this list will never be finished as Lockheed Martin keeps updating the simulator. (I just read about the new Version 3.2 that was released hours after my 1st setup with P3D ever.) Or is there a chance that Aerosoft creates updates of its products that work on all P3D versions with only 1 installer? Of course the adoption after a release of a new P3D version takes time. No flaming on Aerosoft here. But if I remember correctly the installer of US Cities Las Vegas, for example, asks which version of P3D is installed (from V1 until V3)! Can't this be done with all products? I'm not a software guy. I don't know how much work has to be done to adopt the installer and the product itself. But the best and newest simulator is only half as good without Aerosoft sceneries. I just wonder if it is still possible to satisfy the demands for all different versions of P3D or if, for example, all clients HAVE to switch to the newest version of P3D because Aerosoft can not support all (old and outdated) versions. As long as its still V3 (V3.1, V3.2, V3.X, V3.9999) an update is free for P3D clients I guess. Greetings to all Stephan
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