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    Excessive Fuel use

    I used Active Sky for P3D V4. And simulator version 4.5.
  2. Mrep_

    Excessive Fuel use

    I have the same problem. Flew from EBBR - CYYZ. Had to divert to EGCC due to -0.6 EFOB at destination, I took 2tons of extra to my block fuel... Then when I departed from EGCC - CYYZ and took also 2tons extra to my block fuel it showed me 1.2tons at CYYZ which is below FINRES significally. I just quited the sim because I couldn't cross the Atlantic. Please fix the issue. Simbrief gives the actual block fuel for every addon correctly for me. (PMDG, QW 787) etc. It's not a reason to blame SimBriefs fuel flow.
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