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  1. Sorry, Mathijs, I've been away for a couple days. Thanks very much for your time to get that information. Jeff
  2. Hi, again, Mathijs. I do have another question for you. I've decided to make things simpler, and just install FS2 on a larger C Drive. Since the Aerosoft scenery installer didn't give me a choice of an install location and said it couldn't find FS2 on my F Drive, will it still find FS2 if I put it in a location outside the usual "Program Files" and "Program Files(x86)" locations, but still on the C Drive in a folder (such as "C:\Flight Sim") ? Thanks again. Jeff
  3. Thanks, Mathijs. I wasn't sure which way to go on that. Jeff
  4. Hi. I have purchased 5 scenery packs from you for FS2 (Non-Steam version downloaded from Aerofly website). My system is organized as such: C Drive is for Windows OS and I have installed FS2 on my larger F Drive where I would like to put the new scenery. FS2 seems to work fine with this arrangment. The problem is that when I try to install the scenery, I get a prompt saying "Unable to locate Aerofly FS2. Please reinstall the program from the original DVD." I did not get a choice to point the installer to my FS2 installation on my F Drive. Can you please tell me what procedure to use to install the scenery on my F Drive in this situation? Thank you. Jeff Smith
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