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  1. Yes nearly everything. APU was synced. We just used the left MCDU, because right has troubles according to the list. Only QNH and the align irs in MCDU wasnt synced. Like i said, it was a really nice flight.
  2. As i posted in an other section, my first flight went really well and nearly everything was synced. During the 2nd flight server problems occured and sessions couldnt get restartet. I think at this time many people where trying to fly connected which made an overload on the servers.
  3. Perfect, we are going now to Munich. We test it! Thank you!
  4. I recently did a flight with a mate from Tegel to Dusseldorf. Despite some Disconnects, which could be solved fast and easy by doing a new Session, everything went really well and we both were really impressed about the Experience with CFD! Well done Guys!
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