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  1. So guys some follow-up. I reinstalled all 3 sceneries again. Prague was fine. It did not matter if I start AP Controller as Administrator or normal. Runway just was as it should be. However I still got the jetway problem in Zurich. I used the diagnostic tool and all was just fine, no errors. As soon as I installed the jetway patch, Prague was bad again. So this patch for me doesn't work together with Prague. But what about Zurich. In an act of hope I started AES and pressed the resync button and bang. Jetways back in Zurich and Prague still fine. So at the Moment I am on a good way. Now let's just hope. It stays this way :-)
  2. Correct I was in Zurich and checked if the jetways were back. Then I directly move to Prague and saw the old problem. Same thing if I restart FSX and go direct to Prague.
  3. The ressourcesLKPR.dll is inside the ApController folder. I see some entries in the apc.cfg file, but not sure if they are correct. I attach the file for the experts to have a look. apc.cfg
  4. Guys Sorry I have to start the whole thing again. Today I wanted to fly out of Zurich and realised all jetways are missing. So I reinstalled Zurich. The jetways are back but now Prague is without any runway lines again!!! The APController is set run as admin and inside the APController folder are all the files from the patch. This is really really frustrating to be honest. Any ideas?
  5. Hello Bob You are a star, that was the problem Thank you and also Darrian very much for your help. Finally time to enjoy the scenery.
  6. Finally some good news, the Problem seems to be fixed. :-) However after I installed the patch, the problems started again. So I looks like the patch is not for me then
  7. Ok let me try that. Where do I find the jetway patch? When i google it, I just find one for Heathrow?
  8. So I should now the following correct? 1. Deinstall Zurich and Prague 2. Install Prague and copy whole Aerosoft/APC Folder 3. Deinstall Prague 4. Install Zurich and make a second backup of APC Folder 5. Reinstall Prague and copy the files from both backup APC Folders back to the main one? Or only from the Prague backup?
  9. Seems like there are missing. The error in the fsx.cfg is already corrected, thanks a lot for that apc.cfg
  10. FSX always as an admin. APCcontroller.exe was without admin rights. Just changed to admin rights as well, but the result is still the same. No effect at all.
  11. Hello Darrian Togehter with the aerosoft support we were checking via the Taskmanager that AP Controller is running. This test was fine. I can not find a simobjects.cfg file, where would that be stored? I added fsx.cfg though, maybe this helps. Kind regards Daniel exe.xml fsx.cfg
  12. Hi there I also have problems with my Prague scenery. The ground textures are very blurry and there are no taxiway or runway lines. I already was in contact with Tom Weigandt from the Aerosoft Support, but couldn't get any better results. For this reason he advised me to post here. We checked already that AP Controller is working and SODE Version 1.4.2 is installed. I do also have Aerosoft Zurich scenery, which is running perfectly. I am using FSX with SP2 installed. Any ideas what else I could try? Kind regards Daniel
  13. Hallo Oliver Ich habe das Landclass-File in der Szenerienbibliothek gelöscht und nochmals manuell dazugefügt und schon hats geklappt. Manchmal wäre es ja so einfach Gruss Dani
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