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  1. Yes, most gates do work, and a couple doesn't. Pushback does not work at a lot of gates. Vincent
  2. I have installed the scenery of Jarkata (Budi Santoso Soekarno-Hatta Intl.) and I bought AES credits for this scenery and activated it in FS9. The AES does not work completely. Some avio bridges are not working and don't come to the aircraft, and not all AES options like pushback are working. I'm getting the following note: AES active- No more Info available yet. I would like a quick solution to this problem. Sincerely, Vincent Gerrits
  3. After I installed AES 1.97 I got problems with several of my ad on sceneries. You have given updates for several sceneries. They work again. Now I have problems with the scenery from KORD of fsdreamteam. I'm missing big parts of this scenery. Today I downloaded the newest version of Kord from the fsdreamteam site, but that didn't fix the problem. I have activated KORD in AES with credits. Does someone have a solution for this problem. Regards Vincent Gerrits
  4. Hello can someone help me with this problem? I updated my AES version 1.96 to version 1.97 During the instalation of version 1.97 I directly received an error notification. The notification says that my scenery from TropicalSim of Curacao TNCC is not found or not active, and that I have to install or activate it. I did install it and made it active when I bought the scenery, and then it worked. Now with version 1.97 is doesn't work anymore and I can't activate it anymore. When I go to AES help I can see that the airport is shown as full. The box in front of the scenery is unchecked and should be checked. When I try to check it, it gives the same error as above.I would like help from you with this problem, so that I can solve this problem. Please let me hear from you as soon as possible. Regards Vincent Gerritsv.gerrits@zonnet.nl
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