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  1. Hi Could anyone please explain how to set the altimeter to 1013 when reaching transition altitude with the the knob on the side panel hidden behind the yoke? Descending I just hit "B", so that's no problem (FSX-SE). I can't find anything in the manuals ... Thanks!
  2. Good to hear, Airbus666! My above post related to this one (I didn't quite get how "quote" works). The mentioned "confirmed issue" seems to concern P3D and not FSX-SE which I'm using. Also, no GS capture is not the same as no GS indication. By the way, I find the CRJ is a great and somewhat challenging product and I'm confident that the developers will solve this little problem -:)
  3. Yes I did. And sorry, it wasn't my intention to blame anything nor to offend anybody. Just trying to help answering your question ...
  4. Picture is ILS14 at LSZH. I have tried several ILS's at different airports, same problem. It is definitely not a scenery, but a CRJ specific issue. My other planes have no problems with ILS ...
  5. I had no glideslope indication in the first release, now loaded release 1005, still the same problem (installing as FSX-SE). I next tried to install as FSX, no change. Flying an ILS, AP intercepts LOC, but no vertical guidance.
  6. My problem (FSX SE): I have localizer - , but no glideslope indication at all. Setting the AP in approach mode, the PFD indicates LOC, but GS is flashing. The MFD (set on HSI mode) doesn't indicate LOC and GS at all - as it should according to the manuals. The AP intercepts the LOC with some difficulty, but there is no vertical guidance. I tried several different ILS's, but the problem is consistent. I'm probably using the first version, and haven't been able to download a newer version from Simmarket yet. Also, I haven't found any discription of this problem in the forums and don't know if it is a bug that has been fixed in recent software updates.
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