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  1. Hi, just did a second leg with CRJ and short before landing in KMIA i faced an OOM. I know that FSX has limitations regarding memory adressing due to 32 bit. But I flew hundreds of hours with my current installation even with complex scenenery and aircraft and i never had OOM problems. Might be some kind of memory leaks?
  2. Hallo, yes navigraph but an older cycle such as 17/1 or so which I didn't updated since CRJ was installed.
  3. Timelord


    Thanks for your reply! I'm not sure if this is completely implemented but it seems to be a good tool, even in such a plane like CRJ. I tried it in the PMDG 738 but due to lack of information I did not keep myself busy with it.
  4. Hey, I now had several times the problem that it seems not to be possible to add altitude or speed constrains to some waypoints in the FMS. Usually those seems to be waypoints which are the beginning of a star or points like IAF or FAF. Is this a known problem or my mistake? Carsten
  5. Hi, right now I only flew easy profiles. I guess the CRJ does behave more like an ATR or a JS41 - there is no advanced VNAV management available. I perfrom as in the formerly mentioned aircrafts and this works fine. Few miles before reaching the TOD I change the cruise altitude on the MCP, choose a slight rate in vertical speed and start the descent. After a while you see a white "snowflake" next to altimeter indicator in the PFD. This works like a glidepath in the ILS, but no automation, you have to manage it on you're own. If you are to low or to high, adjust the descent rate by changing V/S. And always keep the thrust levers in mind. There are some threads by real pilots in the forum, they describe how it is done in the real world.The seem to exist different profiles in speed and sinkrate.
  6. Timelord


    Hey folks, does anyone know if there exists any documentation regarding the Head Up display? Might also be a generic one as i guess they are quite similar in the modern airliners when I look at the interface panels... Thanks
  7. Hi, can confirm this but did not try it with former versions. When I push the save button in the config manager the plane reacts as if the load is accepted but "Dave" still has othe settings. Due to this I took of with less fuel - good we do only simulation here otherwise had to do like Air Canada 143 ;-)
  8. No Problem, just wanted to know if this is adressed. Guess there are more urgent topics right now like the AP issues.
  9. Did the second leg today from TNCM to KMIA. After takeoff same issue with autopilot as reportet before, plane started to turn right circles. Then switched to HDG mode and later tried to go back to NAV mode after eliminating the missed waypoints in the legs page. For a time in worked, then on a long leg of 400 miles between to waypoints the same again. I flew the CRJ now for several hours only once having a ctd. But the behaviour of the AP in NAV mode really got worse in the current version. Does anyone try the hotfix? I downloaded it but not installed currently.
  10. Timelord

    EICAS issues

    Hi Hans, I use three monitors with different resoutions, but not 4k. Just making the second flight to day and do not have the problem again. I will make screenshots if it ocurs again and give you more detaiils but for now its ok. Thanks for your quick response! Carsten
  11. Hi, just one question: I prepared the CRJ for an upcoming flight, left and went back later. Before I saved the panel state. When I loaded it, all inputs in the FMC were gone. It also seems that not all panels were saved correctily, e.g. the settings for the yaw dampers. Is this already adressed?
  12. Hi, did not have a CTD but also problems with followig the course. Had a short track from TNCM to MDPC. After takeoff from 10 the bird startet it's right turn but did not follow the programmed course. Everything was set correktly in my opinon. No discontinuities, Selector to FMS1 and so on. When I reached cruise altitude I tried to make a direct to the next waypoint by selecting it on the legs-page and pressing exec. The route was accepted but when I switcht AP back to NAV the CRJ started again to fly circles.
  13. Just discovered the same - unlikely I did not test that in the former version. But for me there is no difference in turning it on or of, steering is always possible.
  14. Timelord

    EICAS issues

    Just finished a flight from TNCM to MDPC and had some strange behaviors. I will open seperate threads for the issues. I'm used to put the EICAS screens on a different monitor for better readability - mentioned this before. In the beginning everything is fine. But when I select a different screen e.g. hydraulics then parts of the 2nd EICAS are displayed in the 1st and vice versa. Didn't saw that in the previos releases and only happens when displays are on a diffrent monitor, in the VC everything seems to be ok.
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