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  1. Thank you for the suggestion... I have checked ECAM rendering and I have unchecked it. Its the same problem each time. Jeremy
  2. Ok, after a very long time with no errors, I am now getting a crash report with “d3d10warp.dll” errors! This ONLY happens when flying the Aerosoft Airbus Professional products, usually 10 min after takeoff. This DOES NOT happen with PMDG, QualityWings, CaptainSim etc. I an tired of Aerosoft Telling everyone “it’s your system” or “it’s not our products”. Own the problem and fix it please! This is an amazing product, but it is frustrating and upsetting when it is not working correctly and Aerosoft will jot take the responsibility to fix it. So far... I have Uninstalled and reinstalled the product with no fix, uninstalled and reinstalled P3D With no flex, with no fix, uninstall and reinstall the entire Windows platform and program with no fix. Jeremy
  3. So I found the issue. When couatl updated it did not like that I changed the title of the aircraft in the aircraft.cfg file to “Aerosoft A319-100” American Airlines. It needs to be the original title “ Aerosoft A319 Professional” American Airlines. I am not sure why this is only the case with the A319 CFM and not any of the other models. Jeremy
  4. OK, I used the tool, reinstalled everything including the A318/319 and STILL the same error, however; I have now discovered that it only happens with the A319 CFM. The 318 and 319 IAE are ok. Jeremy
  5. Ok... how and where do I find them? Can you please give me a little more direction. Thank you. Jeremy
  6. Here is the new crash report Jeremy
  7. I uninstalled all the FSDT programs and reinstalled with the latest updates. No change. Jeremy
  8. I’m having this new problem that just started... When I go to load my A319 aircraft P3D crashes to the desktop. This does not happen with any of the other Airbus aircraft. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft and I have had no change. I also uninstalled Couatl with no change. Again, this is only happening with the 319. Please help. Jeremy
  9. Also... something different. When I open a different app (say vPilot) the airbus sounds (not the engines) mute. Is there any setting I should change to remedy this? Finally, THIS IS ONE FANTISTIC PRODUCT and a lot of fun to fly! Awesome work! Jeremy
  10. My current resolution is 2560X1440. Jeremy
  11. Ummmm,ok. I guess my question was not illustrated correctly. I wanted to know if I should be using one panel config over the other for my display (27’ iMac)? Jeremy
  12. As I look at the panel file within the aircraft file (ie A320IAE), I see that there are several configurations (16X9 windowed, 16X9 fullscreen etc). Is there on that I should be using specifically for better performance? I have a 27" iMac (with Windows 10 bootcamped). Jeremy
  13. aaflyboy777


    Requesting a NWA (Northwest Airlines) A321 CFM. Jeremy
  14. v A318/319 v1.2.5.2 A320/321 Active Sky is administrator Jeremy
  15. A new problem just started to happen. When I load the WIND DATA in the FMGS it crashes the sim. This just started to happen after the last update. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no fix. Please help with any other ideas. Jeremy
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