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  1. Also... something different. When I open a different app (say vPilot) the airbus sounds (not the engines) mute. Is there any setting I should change to remedy this? Finally, THIS IS ONE FANTISTIC PRODUCT and a lot of fun to fly! Awesome work! Jeremy
  2. My current resolution is 2560X1440. Jeremy
  3. Ummmm,ok. I guess my question was not illustrated correctly. I wanted to know if I should be using one panel config over the other for my display (27’ iMac)? Jeremy
  4. As I look at the panel file within the aircraft file (ie A320IAE), I see that there are several configurations (16X9 windowed, 16X9 fullscreen etc). Is there on that I should be using specifically for better performance? I have a 27" iMac (with Windows 10 bootcamped). Jeremy
  5. aaflyboy777


    Requesting a NWA (Northwest Airlines) A321 CFM. Jeremy
  6. v A318/319 v1.2.5.2 A320/321 Active Sky is administrator Jeremy
  7. A new problem just started to happen. When I load the WIND DATA in the FMGS it crashes the sim. This just started to happen after the last update. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no fix. Please help with any other ideas. Jeremy
  8. Is there anyway you could make every model have the SAT COMM antenna available? Qualitywings does it with the "-SATCOM" at the end of title line... example ( title=QualityWings 787-8 AA-SATCOM ) Jeremy
  9. Hi, I’m sure that this has been asked and possibly even answered however do you have plans on coming out with the NEO version including the A321LR and XLR? Jeremy
  10. Would love to see the AAL A321NEO over wing exit! Jeremy AAL A321NEO.bmp
  11. I just updated to today and the radio freq problem is still an issue in the A320/A321. The A318/A319 seems to work fine. Jeremy
  12. Hello, im having an interesting problem with the radios. When I 1st tune in a frequency on radio VHF 1 such as 122.80 it works fine, but when I go to tune the standby to 122.80 I can’t. The standby goes from 122.175 to 122.815 etc. Radio VHF 2 works perfect. is there a fix that I’m missing? I’m usuing the mouse wheel, mouse clicks, etc. I’ve tried everything. Jeremy
  13. I am unable to find anything in regards to the different panel configs within the panel folder itself. What are the differences between 16X9 (Windowed vs Fullscreen) , 16X110, 21X9, etc. How do you switch between them? Which one is the best for a iMac 27" monitor? Jeremy
  14. I downloaded the new update for the Airbus A318/319 v1.1.01. I am unable to load any fuel. When I go to the load sheet the option to load is grayed out. Please help. Jeremy
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