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  1. my livery manager isnt even showing up in my menu for the 330 and in the folder i get a 318.319 manager any ideas
  2. some more info. all my liveries are showing in my folder. the stock liveries that came with the purchase. but will not show up in p3d menu. still cant find the livery manager even if i wanted to download some new liveries. i am very confused. i purchased the crj pro at the same time and all is well with it. downloaded them both the exact same way
  3. hello, I have 2 issues. first how do i install liveries. there is no livery manager with my install. when i open it it has the livery manager for a318/319. i have the 318/19/20/21/ professional installed. second. i think because of this i do not have any airplanes showing in the selection menu in p3d. any clue how i fix this. i have attempted to search for the 330 livery manager and in the folder it just directs me to the 318/319 manager thanks \ chris
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