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  1. Hi everyone, 1st off I hope I'm in the right/correct forum for my question. Happy New Year 1st and foremost! My question is this, I am long time simmer but have never really bought a " GOOD" Aircraft addon for my P3D v4.4. I have purchased aircraft addons in the past for other sims (like FSX etc...) but found them to difficult to program and get them off and running so to speak! ( PMDG 737-800) Is this addon easy to program or is there a huge learning curve I would have to familiarize myself with? I don't wanna have to spend hours programming the FMC etc... I'd like to create a flight plan using Pro ATC-X or something similar, load it and go so to speak. Of course I would do other things but I hope you get what I'm saying? Thanks ever so much in advance for peoples advice Myron
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