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  1. Yes, CPU is overclocked and I will test it with stock speeds next week, but usually the overclocking gave me a general performace boost. But the GPU and its VRAM are stock. The core clocks higher by itself when low temps allowing the speed (like turbo cores on intel CPUs). The same goes with the VRAM, the nvidia design is 5500 MHz so my one clocks 100 MHz higher due to good cooling. All fully automatic, all default, no manual clocking.
  2. CPU: AMD FX8350 @ 4.7 GHz (4 cores, 8 threads) RAM: 4x 8GB DDR3-1600 MHz GPU: nVidia GTX 1080Ti (chip @ 2025 MHz, mem @ 5600 MHz)
  3. The sim and all related addons are on one dedicated SATA SSD. OS on another smaller SATA SSD. A third SATA SSD for regular Games and a big HDD for stuff. Scenery: I only have landclass from OrbX and FS Global NG for mesh. So currently no "fancy" airports or other big sceneries installed.
  4. I havnt found the source of these micro stuttering yet, and my biggest concern is that the sim dont utilising my whole CPU on start. When airborne a couple of minutes it uses 80-90%. My sim is not tweaked or something, only the given settings in the sim are used. Shaders are ENVSHADE, I will try changing and/or reverting these. Anything else is pretty default. For now I revert the Airplane back to to be able to fly on the weekend, I will test this again next week. Thanks for your help for now. Any suggestsions are still welcome.
  5. I made a whole startup video, also showing the settings as Mathijs commented. When you want to see only the take-off skip to 14m 25s. You can see in the bottom left I barely used the Joystick, only to correct to not drifting away to much. I dont know, I dont really think this is FPS related, the effect is to regular. I watched the recording in slow-motion and found here and there a FPS drop under 20, but since this dont happen in pre-, I have a slightly hope that this is fixable.
  6. What you mean?? Is there a min. required Framerate?? I test it yet again with all possible addons deactivated. Only FSUIPC and RAAS are active. No GSX, no weather, no camera. Will report later.
  7. The frames drops a little during the shaking. The rest of the flight is fine regardless of the frames until it begins in approach again. I have 20 to 35 fps during flight depending on scenery.
  8. Hey, during rolling on the runway its just the camera shaking effect from ChasePlane. Usually I have Active Sky for weather, but it wasnt running in this clip. For controlls I use the XBox One controller via USB cable. (I know it sounds weird, but it works good for me) There is nothing else configured to these axis. I tested it multiple times, in all works fine, updating to latest experimental and this happens again. Then installing the stable again and all works normal again... No other configurations changed during testing.
  9. Hello there, I have a annoying "wiggle" effect with the experimental version of the plane. I think its since v1.2.3.1 and tested and confirmed with current I have figured out that the effect start after lift-off and ends when you lower the thrust to Climb and Flaps set to 1. The same wiggle will come back when landing, again in the last phase before touchdown. I only tried to land with this 2 times, so I cant say much about it. In its working ok, so I'm currently stuck at this version. Some more facts? P3D v4.4 affecting both airbus packaged, means A318/19 and A320/21. I have no clue about this. Hope aanyone can help.
  10. Hey, Shift+L does the job, but I thought there were a proper way to do this. The DIM/BRT buttons only set the Display brightness, not the buttons. In VC the INTEG LT knob controls the button illumination. So as long as the texture don't switch automatically when turning INTEG LT knob I must use Shift+L.
  11. I think I found the related files in the installation. But how to "trigger" it to see the NIGHT texture??
  12. as you may see in the screenshot, in the VC (3D) the MCDU is lighted. But I miss the night texture for the pop-out MCDU (like pressing Shift+2).
  13. Hey there, how to turn on the key illumination for the 2d "pop-out" MCDU's? Greetings, DarkBasic
  14. I have encountered the speed bug now, too. Its happend after the step climb from FL340 to FL390. The managed speed dropped down to 109. I have just a video showing the bug, not when it appear. EDIT: link fixed
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