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  1. Thank you gentlemen! Advice appreciated Cheers, Mike
  2. I am Operating Windows 10 and using both FSX Accelerated and P3D v3. When installing your updates, should I completely uninstall the previous version using the "Control Panel Programs and Features" or simply run the update over the existing files? Thank you, Mike.
  3. Oh goodness! I would never have thought of left mouse/right mouse on buttons. On switches yes but not on buttons Here I was thinking it was just stupid me!!! LOL Mike
  4. I am referring here to Prepar3D v3 My Twin Otter Extended has a NavDataPro file located "...Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Twin Otter Extended\NavDataPro\Navdata" and the cycle included is an old AIRAC cycle : 1213 Revision : 1 Valid (from/to): 13/DEC/2012 - 09/JAN/2013 Can this file be updated regularly? I subscribe to Navigraph Data and could use their information information to update. Mike
  5. Is there a way to enhance the interior lighting for night flying in the Twin Otter Extended? I just completed a night flight in particularly dark conditions and when I brought up the GPS in a separate window, (SHFT +4), I couldn't read the buttons on the black gauge. NEVER MIND!!! ME BAD!-----I just found the flood light button by using keyboard stroke "L" Thanks Mike
  6. Refer posting thread under topic heading "Panels font issue - sequel" and refer to solution posted by Moscue26 Mike
  7. I have the TWIN OTTER Extended installed in FSX and P3D v3. My operation system is WINDOWS 10. When I I bought the aircraft in Mar 2017, I KNOW I did not have this issue. The problem for me first appeared around the end of May and I posted a thread (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/123563-missing-number-on-radios-stack/#comment-819066) Tom A320 and Mathijs and many others offered solutions but most were just temporary at best. The PROBLEM is in one of the many updates to WINDOWS 10 Microsoft has rolled out over the past 5 months. I keep checking back every so often and I just tried the "Font Cache rebuild" (https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/54452-rebuild-font-cache-windows-10-a.html) and this worked for my P3D v3. I went on reading and I found this solution did not seem to hold true for everyone So, next I decide to try the Microsoft Workaround 1: Disable the font boot cache as described in this thread. (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4038303/fonts-installed-by-using-install-as-shortcut-are-missing-after-a-syste) Reopened P3D v3 and IT WORKED! Opened FSX and IT WORKED! Will it be a permanent fix remains to be seen. Thanks to all who offer solutions. Appreciated Mike
  8. T Tom: Sorry for thread. ME BAD! I reviewed the NAVIGRAPH 1710 update list 4 times looking for AeroSoft or some entry like CRJ700/900 etc but I just didn't see the Digital Aviation entry. Got it now! Thanks you for your patience Mike
  9. Just purchased my new CRJ700/900 and when I downloaded the newest FMS Data update 1710 from NAVIGRAPH, I couldn't find the AeroSoft CRJ700/900 listed Is this not modelled with the new aircraft? Thank you Mike
  10. Hello: I have search all through my downloads but I can't seem to locate the Operating manuals for this Aircraft. Am I missing a link? Mike Chute
  11. Please refer to my previous closed thread same issue. After following TOM's instructions on May 31st and opening my Twin Otter Extended in both FSX and P3D with SUCCESS at that time, I tried to open the aircraft today in FSX for a flight and ONCE AGAIN I have the same issue with no numbers on my radio, transponder and chronometer. IS there a patch or some other fix that can solve this issue on a permanent basis? Should I delete the quartz font from Windows 10 or FSX Aerosoft and P3D Aerosoft. Thanks Mike
  12. .........and the number are visible in P3D v3 So if I understand what you are saying, the Windows 10 quartz font was corrupt? Is that correct? Was that due to a recent update? Please confirm as I would like, with your permission, to post this on my VA Forum (CanadianXpress--CXA) as there are many members who also own the AeroSoft Twin Otter Thank you for your FIRST CLASS support! Mike (CXA524)
  13. OK Tom I have the FSX\Font quartz.tff copied and I was trying to paste into C:\\Windows\Fonts folder and it is telling me the font is already there so I made a back up of the original and pasted the file from FSX I am opening FSX now. (18:48 zulu) I also right clicked and installed NO numbers Mike I rebooted my computer and opened MS Office7 and typed a note with the quartz font. I started FSX again, loaded a generic Twin Otter Extended AND VOILA!! the numbers are there!! Thank you. I will now reopen P3D
  14. I have included a screenshot .jpg for both ...... P3D\Fonts and ......FSX\Fonts I really hope the issue can be resolved as I fly for a VA that is "on-line only" and I can't enter a Transponder code for any ATC. NOTE: The last logged flight where RADIO NUMBERS were visible was April 16 2017. I was using FSX and EZDOK v1.18. I then tried another flight on May 27 and the issue with the numbers appeared for the first time. I thought the issue was with EZDOK since I kept getting "simconnect" error windows so I went ahead and purchased EZDOK 2. After installation of EZDOK 2, I opened the Twin Otter Extended on May 27, and BOTH FSX and P3D Flight Sims had radio numbers. HOWEVER, the next time I opened FSX the numbers were missing. Very frustrating! I checked my WINDOWS update History and found an update also dated April 16 but I am not sure if the update was installed BEFORE or AFTER my flight on the 16th. My UPDATE history also shows a series of updates on May 9th Here is the WINDOWS update info for the 16th https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4018124/windows-10-update-history?ocid=client_wu There was also an update for Adobe Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1703 (for x64-based Systems) (KB4018483) https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4018483/security-update-for-adobe-flash-player-april-11-2017 Thank you very much for your attention here. Mike
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