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  1. Issue resolved I believe. Turned out disabling some Nvidia sound drivers fixed it
  2. Whole approach* as i stutter and the immersion is ruined
  3. On all the Airbus prof family i stutter as soon as i touch down, ruining the hole approach! It happens in no other 3rd party aircraft! Any help Thanks
  4. Last of my submissions(3/3). BA Dove blasting out of LHR...
  5. These three are the 3 main graphic influencers i use: RD's PTA preset Envtex ASCA Lighting Settings --- http://prntscr.com/k8iqdu
  6. Taking some Brits back home from Greece...
  7. Another tricky approach. Runway 09 at Samos!
  8. Is it possible to change it to use the right joystick? Thanks
  9. As well as that, we get sound with it. So a half a second of a warning sound
  10. EDIT: Same as everyone. Just the sound. No message
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