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  1. It may be the issue but if I watch at streamers that fly both addons : their lights seems to appear normaly so I don't know if it is worth to reinstall my entire P3D
  2. The only thing that changes light is FSL Spotlight, but if I turn it off, it is still not working
  3. I'm using I haven't myself changed any Shaders7/installed mod or anything. The only "tweak" (wich isn't really one) is Envtex.
  4. Yes nothing from all angles. I have the light reflection on the fuselage and on the ground but it seems that light source isn't shown Isn't fine having a newer version of what the installer proposes ?
  5. Just tried, got this issue. Maybe it is linked ? "Installation failed because newer versio is already installed"
  6. It happens when I'm on APU, GPU or ENGINES. Maybe a software but wich one ? I don't have any soft that changes lights...
  7. Hi, I have an issue with lights on the A333. Even if the switches are on the ON pos, I can't see any lights from my exterior model. (see photos) Haven't found any key on the doc (maybe I missed something, if yes sorry). Thanks in advance for your help ! Theo
  8. Are we going to have a custom A330-343 profile for PFPX as well ? (Made by Aerosoft and not the one we can found on airlinerperformance or maybe this one is correct ?) Kind regards
  9. Here’s an amazing footage of RR T700 !
  10. First, thank you for your answer. I certainly can understand that sound are complicated because every single person has his own expectation. Concerning gear,flaps etc I totally agree : they are not heard or really soft but speaking of engines they are pretty loud in the cockpit (I’m not a pilot but had the chance to make some flights in the A330-343 cockpit). Especially spool up. Maybe I can search for a sound footage if you want.
  11. Little question about sounds, are they still WIP ? I noticed on different streams that the engine start is pretty low but IRL, RR TRENT 700 are pretty loud (on spool up and start up) and vibrating in the whole cabin. (Maybe it was the streamer sounds settings that where low but I just want to have an official answer) Thanks
  12. Happy to see the work is going well ! If the 54-58 stands aren’t included in the first version it’s a bit frustrating... but maybe it can be included in a possible update in the futur ?
  13. Was about to ask if they will be included ! Hope so ! As well as the new h/p on 10/28 L7 and B7 and on runway 16/34 the E1/E2 modifications !
  14. There are also a new E1 holding point on runway 14 + B7 spans L7 on runway 28, hope they will be add...
  15. Hello, Does the scenery include the new stands right on holding point B ? It is stands 54/55/56/57/58. Another question, I know it is complicated to make a building that is WIP in real life but the building grows very fast ! It would be sad not to have it... (see his account for more photos) Have a nice day
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