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  1. iOS app on iPad opens, works normally but the charts are completely a mess and randomly (but this would be a minor problem) when you open a chart it is simply all dark, no chart showing just a blank page... on Mac PC it works properly and quite fast
  2. Does the same applies for iPad app?
  3. Also the iPad app? Thanks for the update
  4. I think everyone appreciate Aerosoft but we even more like Lido charts. I think it’s a massive disappointment this almost one week continuos issue with iPad app. Today they are even loading very slowly on the server. For the respect we all pay to Aerosoft also Aerosoft should fix this problem asap. Or at least explain in detail what’s the problem and give a realistic ETA for the fixing
  5. A forecast regarding iPad app?
  6. Confirm, iPad app doesn’t work
  7. Today some are not working. Fe LICJ AGC and all AOI. Unfortunately those problems are becoming quite common in the last few weeks.
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