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  1. I had the hope ... thanks anyway!
  2. I don't like using buttons, keys or sliders whereas in the real AC levers are used. But for me with the CH Throttle Quadrant its the only way to get SRS mode. And even with the resp. key sometimes it does not change to SRS but OP CLB instead. @Secondator Do you have an idea about that OP CLB?
  3. Yes, I almost exclusively use FSUIPC for whatever assignments as axis, buttons, keys there are. I have tried any "Control" for TOGA / Throttle Full etc. there is in FSUIPC for button or key assignments. Nothing works with the Aerosoft Bus. Besides I have the CH throttle quadrant assigned in FSUIPC for normal ops. Just perfect. But no SRS / NAV. In addition I have assigned the slider of a joystick which I only use for TOGA operation, works also perfect - see page 2 of the PDF. Pushing the slider into the forward position during an ILS APP I get MAN TOGA SRS NAV as it should be.
  4. Looks like F4 and other keys trigger only MAN TOGA with the Aerosoft A3XXs. Other mode changes as SRS/NAV probably require exclusively the use of throttle quadrants or joystick sliders?
  5. Yes - here my findings as PDF A330-TOGA-Issue.pdf
  6. I did quite some testing with the keyboard set up for the throttles but I was never able to move any throttle by any key or any function like Throttle increase or TOGA engage. Maybe it's different with my A330. I guess the throttles in your virtual cockpit move to the foremost position but obviously this doesn't trigger the mode changes as SRS & NAV except for MAN TOGA. I then set up the throttles to the slider on my joystick either in P3D Axis Assignment / Throttle axis or in FSUIPC option "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration". (Restart of P3D maybe necessary). With the other option "Send to FS as normal axis the throttles didn't move at all. Then the modes changed to SRS NAV as it should. Maybe it works for you too.
  7. Hi radeon29, do you still have this issue? I got the same or similar issue and its caused probably by the CH Throttle Quadrant. Do you have the same throttles? Regards Please have a look here
  8. I would be glad if someone could confirm your point of view in telling here not having the same issue with the CH Throttle Quadrant. (Or the other way round) Best regards
  9. Here is the answer of CH Products: "The Control Manager is an optional program we offer, and it is not needed in order to use our products. We recommend uninstalling this optional program, and calibrating normally with the Windows Game Controllers menu." I have done all that but the issue with the TOGA mode remains no matter if I assign the throttles in FSUIPC or P3D. One question my friend, did you ever test your software with the CH-THR-Quadrant (maybe you should give it a try and maybe you find a cause) and second my friend that allegedly nobody else has this issue (reported) doesn't proove anything. I do not like to say it again but how is it possible that upon advancing the throttles to the forward mechanical stop the FMA on one side changes to MAN Toga and on the other side remains in G/S LOC e.g.? And finally in order not to be misunderstood the A330 is absolutely marvelous - a real gem! Best wishes
  10. I did not mean the hardware or CH Throttle detent ... looks like this is also an A330 issue - in 5 years of FSX and P3D with CH Throttle never any problem and never had to calibrate before
  11. I contacted CH Products. So wait and see. But nevertheless should not the 330 change to TOGA-mode with the throttles in the respective forward detent?
  12. Hi Dave, I renamed the FSUIPC.cfg and assigned the throttle axis in P3D but the issue is the same. FMA shows MAN TOGA GS LOC. But I think I found the cause of this. Calibrating the CH-THR-Qudrant with the CH-Utility then the FMA changes to SRS and NAV regardless of the axis assigned in P3D or FSUIPC. And I don't have any other issues with FSUIPC and the throttle setup. But then with the CH-Quadrant-Throttles in idle detent the engines are in REV-Thrust on the ground. This is also true for the PMDG 37 and 47 and the QW 787. I have to advance the throttles a considerable way out of the idle detent for forward idle thrust. There is no way out but using the CH-Delete-Utility to delete the throttle calibration. But why does the 330 not change to the TOGA-mode despite the throttles in the VC move all the way to the forward stop or TOGA detent and the FMA shows MAN TOGA? Hope you have a solution for this. Thanks
  13. I forgot in the previous post to mention that I had tried to "assign the throttle via P3D menu instead fsuipc". That was a real mess - throttle 2 didn't move at all. Looks like something is wrong with my CHTQ. I'll check that. Anyhow I would never ever sim without FSUIPC.
  14. Thank you! Calibrating the CHTQ was the right hint, now the GA is OK with SRS & NAV. BUT each time after starting a new SIM session and a 330 flight I have to PAUSE the SIM and CALIBRATE AGAIN! How could that be? I never would have thought of this since I never had to calibrate in over 5 years with numerous addon aircraft.
  15. Its the "CH Throttle Quadrant". If I get the "MAN TOGA" as in your screenshot the rest of the FMA modes remain in whatever mode it was before pushing the throttles to TOGA.
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