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  1. Hi Markus, Thanks for that. We will attempt to re-do this flight again in the next few days. Just to clarify should we have left it in A.FLOOR until the aircraft got up to our desired cruise speed?. I'm not even sure it would have built the speed due to the trim but if it happens again ill definitely keep that in mind. Cheers, Tim
  2. G'Day all, Let me preface this by saying i really enjoy flying these planes from Aerosoft and despite a few hiccups now and then its been fantastic. Tonight my mate and I set off in CFD from EGLL to LOWI. Everything was going swell (even better than usual we had been battling some throttle and pushback issues in the last week or so) and the flight had gone flawlessly right up until cruise altitude. Upon reaching cruise the aircraft began trimming itself up and wouldn't stop. The nose began to pitch higher and the aircraft eventually began to basically stall out of the sky and the A.FLOOR error came up top left of the PFD. When reducing the throttles back to idle and then putting the throttles back to Climb we then got a TOGA LK warning. This happened over and over and we eventually had lost 10000ft. So i opened OBS and tried to record as much as i could. Just for a bit of backstory only my mates controllers were plugged in as we believe my Logitech joystick was the root cause of our throttle issues in previous flights and this was the first time we had flown with just my mates equipment and me just monitoring with keyboard/mouse. He is using the saitek yoke,throttle and pedal set. We both reinstalled aerosoft a320/a330 from scratch a few days back when the update was released . We are not professionals and are open to criticism if we have missed something obvious. We have successfully completed 5-10 CFD flights prior to this incident so we are capable of atleast completing a flight whether it be 100% to procedure or not. We have also each done numerous flights on our own outside of CFD and neither of us have even seen this issue. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Cheers, Tim
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