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  1. Hello everyone I wanted to make a small bug report on the printer just now during the flight I ask the metar via AOC I press print I hear the sound of the sheet but no paper ... It's extremely rare so I just know I do not have to press or should it find the sheet otherwise P3D crash. No event in the windows watcher ... Have a good day
  2. Aie And then this is the first time that it happens to me = ( Is there a way to solve the problem?
  3. Hello everyone I do not know how to send you a detailed report but I just wanted to warn you that I had a DXDGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error for the 2nd time when I clicked on the printer paper to put it to my left. When I go into the Event Viewer I have the problem Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll as well as a .Net Runtime I have not changed any settings or updated the NVIDIA drivers. Tell me what you need if unless the problem comes from my computer Version with the latest Airbus_ECAMD2D hotfix Good night
  4. Hello I too have a problem with the update every time I leave P3D after the end of the flight I have error message that comes from Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll I have updated the DLL as well but the same each time I leave I have an error message. It's just that product when I leave P3D.
  5. Or should we put it exactly? Should I replace it with another file?
  6. I wish you good luck and thank you again for this beautiful work that you offered us every day.!
  7. Hi Indeed I had this problem also with the new version EZCA V3. There is a day since the button Roll on speedFIX is that you want the latest version. Click on it and right after you have to record the camera. File => Update camera-set Since more problem
  8. I reported it too I think they're seeing this for the next update Just for the moment be careful not to press HOLD when you are on the PPOS šŸ˜ƒ
  9. I also had a CTD I had a time. P3D it's closed. It's not the first time but I can not reproduce it every time. Either it works well in most cases. Either I do not sound the sheet I click and it works anyway. Either as now I have the sound not the sheet I click and the error message P3D.exe Good night
  10. I confirm I also have this concern I think that if I press HOLD on a point which is in front of me it's ok but let's imagine I pass the point XXX that it finds behind me and that if I click at this moment the XXX then HOLD I have the same error message FMGS.DLL and I can reproduce it every time ...
  11. When I said "thank you again for this beautiful aircraft" I reread my message it was not compared to the MCDU bug =) I wanted to say that I was very satisfied with the work you do for the airbus and therefore for us =). Greeting
  12. Ok but I did not have this bug before ( it's just since I put the update. Anyway thank you so congratulations again for this beautiful aircraft
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