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  1. hello. With the release of V2 (not installed yet), I resubmit my question. is it now possible to compute and display in OFP fuel in volume (USG / Liters) instead of weight ? thanks
  2. It seems this option only concerns the fuel price.
  3. Hello all Is it possible to display fuel in volume (USG / Liters) instead of weight ? Useful for light SEP or Twins. Thank you for your tips
  4. hey guys I've just discovered your project and I'm a huge fan of the Viper (Falcon 4.0 simmer for a long time). Just a question : On some screenies, I can see the helmet's visor raised, and on some others, it's lowered. Will it be triggered by a hot key while flying, or is it a change depending on the versions flown ? On the first screen of the pilot, I've the impression it is an belgium pilot, and his patches seems to be belgian patches....Maybe I'm wrong, but if i'm right, will it be configurable by our own (adding some custom patches) or will it be depending of the version flown (USAF, B
  5. I will try this. I guess it is for this reason why when I made some changes in the aircraft.cfg of an aircraft in C:\FS9\Aircraft\ the change isn't percepted by FS. He looks into the aircraft.cfg in the virtual store;)
  6. I've just installed AES 1.9.5a on my pc running under Vista and FS9. It's the first installation on this computer. When I launch AES Help, I got the following message "AES has detected a SCENERY.CFG in the virtual store ! This can generate problems with sceneries" When I launch FS9, AES is not installed in the scenery library. AES is installed with administrator right, and aes help is running with administrator rights. I've read in the 1.9.5a new features that problem should be solved, but I've got this message. Any idea ? Thank you
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