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  1. Other bug just found in 4.3, but I can't swear it was not there in the previous versions... If you go to the threshold of runway 16L and have a heading of 340°, turning left or right the runway and taxiways disappear and re-appear if you again assume heading around 340.
  2. Hello, is it possible to know the status of the following 2 sceneries, regarding the FULL compatibility with P3D v4.1? Genoa LIMJ Milan Malpensa LIMC. Thank you!
  3. Everything dead here... Is this scenery still in progress? Thanks.
  4. One thing I don't like in SODE jetways: I noticed that all SODE jetways, at least in the sceneries I have (LIRF, EPWA, LEVC), when docking to the airplane (in my case 737 NGX, P3D v3.3) have the foremost part, that is the part that docks to the airplane, that disappears when seen from inside the virtual cockpit and you see pieces of inside the jetway and the background scenery, and the front part of the jetway is invisible, really a mess. This doesn’t happen with normal CTRL+J jetways and Aerosoft AES ones. Is it possible to improve the visual model of the jetway, so that it’s seen correctly from the VC? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I read that SODE would include a visual docking system in a next update. Is it still long to go? Thanks.
  6. Hi, do you have SODE and GSX working together at LEVC? When I press CTRL+F12 and select the jetway, then confirm selection, the jetway doesn't move. I have LEVC 1.10, SODE 1.3.3 and the latest GSX. In LEVC 1.10 the jetways should move with SODE, shouldn't they? Or is there a further update in order to have them moving? Thank you.  

    1. Wardd




      Yes I do have moving jetways in LEVC with GSX. 


      Have you the latest version of GSX with the standalone manager installed too?


      What solved it for me was installing SODE 1.3.3 last. unregister and register again after a fresh install.


      Hope it works for you. 

    2. Wardd


      Hi again,


      I can now reproduce the issue you describe, if I use GSX to handle the jetway it will not move even after confirming it.


      Perhaps there is still a small conflict with GSX and SODE.


      As a walk around what I have done successfully just now is to first select restart couatl, then for me a message appears that SODE is active, once that's done then use the SODE menu to dock with whatever gate you are at. Now the jetway is in place select the GSX menu and use whatever option you like, say boarding for example, when asked about the jetway just choose the option to proceed without jetways. (I tried selecting the jetway at that time and it actually removed the jetway!!)


      Anyway it's all very confusing but what I just said does work. Hopefully a less painful interaction between GSX and SODE isn't far off. 

    3. ca210270


      Thank you very much, once I managed to get the jetways working with GSX, then did not try again, but I hope I can reproduce it each time ;-).

      Best regards,



  7. Yes, gate 4 gives this error to me as well, it needs being looked into. I am also wondering if the lack of a visual docking system reflects reality or it's only that the developers did not know how to make it in P3D...
  8. Great! He he, so you can't miss the church with your name ;-). Attached is a piece of the visual approach chart reporting that visual cue. If you google the name of the church you can have pictures of it. Thank you for your great work!
  9. Gianni, just a note on the "Heiliger Johannes der Täufer und Johannes der Evangelist" church in Axams. You may ask "what has it got to do with LOWI?" It is the church in the centre of Axams village, and in fact it is a visual reference point for pilots in order to start the right turn to final runway 08. I hope it is included in the new scenery
  10. Thank you, I hadn't seen that reply...
  11. While the discussion goes on, still no news from Aerosoft about the LIRF update...
  12. Thank you , Mathijs, but in fact, on the MK Studios Facebook page, on Jan 11 they reported that the update was in beta testing. Three weeks ago...
  13. The developer already updated the LIRF jetways to be compliant with SODE 1.3, but until Aerosoft does not release the update, this confusion remains...
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