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  1. Other bug just found in 4.3, but I can't swear it was not there in the previous versions... If you go to the threshold of runway 16L and have a heading of 340°, turning left or right the runway and taxiways disappear and re-appear if you again assume heading around 340.
  2. Hello, is it possible to know the status of the following 2 sceneries, regarding the FULL compatibility with P3D v4.1? Genoa LIMJ Milan Malpensa LIMC. Thank you!
  3. Almost 2 more months. Any news? The patch to make the scenery compatible with P3D v4 is not acceptable, the aprons are completely dark at night.
  4. P3D v4.1. I use PTA, but I checked without and it's not different. I suspect it depends on the wet effect of runway/taxiway/apron textures...
  5. Hi, are airport ground textures really that ugly when fog is present? Really any better can't be done? Thanks.
  6. Hi, is this normal with EDDF scenery in P3D v4.1? Many taxiways have day textures at night and no center green lights. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, Oliver. This way the photoreal landscape surrounding the airport is lost, but at least there is not such a visible contrast. I also find that runway 25R/07L and most taxiways are too bright at night, as if the textures did not change from day to night. Otto, I think the problem are not the trees, but the photoreal terrain, too dark compared to the surrounding one.
  8. Date of today, Oct 26. I use ORBX FTX Global, OpenLC Europe and PTA. I tried restoring the original shaders without PTA but not much difference. This one is instead in winter, December 29...
  9. Hi, is this dark ground surrounding the airport normal? Screenshot taken in Autumn, EDDF v2, P3D v4. Thanks.
  10. Hi, how is the ground lighting situation in Genoa with v4? Still no lights on the aprons? Thanks.
  11. Everything dead here... Is this scenery still in progress? Thanks.
  12. One thing I don't like in SODE jetways: I noticed that all SODE jetways, at least in the sceneries I have (LIRF, EPWA, LEVC), when docking to the airplane (in my case 737 NGX, P3D v3.3) have the foremost part, that is the part that docks to the airplane, that disappears when seen from inside the virtual cockpit and you see pieces of inside the jetway and the background scenery, and the front part of the jetway is invisible, really a mess. This doesn’t happen with normal CTRL+J jetways and Aerosoft AES ones. Is it possible to improve the visual model of the jetway, so that it’s seen correctly from the VC? Thanks.
  13. Hi, I read that SODE would include a visual docking system in a next update. Is it still long to go? Thanks.
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