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  1. Though I would try EGLL as a test case and also see the same. With the same sim settings these were comparative shots at EGLL - hoping they help. The default offline appears to load far fewer flightplans / aircraft to fill in the lack of static ground aircraft. Default MSFS (30% offline traffic + 0% Ground Aircraft Density): ST (30% offline traffic + 0% Ground Aircraft Density): Not running any other addons, and the airport is default as well.
  2. Thanks - the issue isn’t with online traffic, but the offline flightplans which are injecting significant volumes of AI even at lower settings (especially when ground traffic density is set to 0). Testing lower settings in combination with bumping up the static slider now…
  3. Congratulations on a successful release. What I am experiencing with the recommended settings (AI offline between 35-50% density + ground density at 0%) that the AI density from the offline flightplans is extremely high, causing crowding and impacts to frames. These were taken at LSZH: Online AI appears to have significantly less impact (however ground coverage at stands is also less). Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
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