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  1. thanks yes I run that regularly and no joy. strangely I have recently had 2 or 3 flights (A319 CFM) where it worked intermittently, printouts went to the centre console and were scrollable - first time in months. I have no clue why this is intermittent or what could be driving the bug. I only get the post landing report very infrequently too. I do wonder if it’s to do with an old FSX A320 I used to have on the PC, maybe some files left which are interfering with the way the P3D printer works.
  2. Yesterday was A320 IAE (A320/321 Pro, P3D v4.5) but I think it's same on CFM and A318/319. I don't think I have ever been able to view the printouts once they were off the printer ever since I first installed Professional actually.
  3. Hi, I can't seem to read any printouts (A320) after they have come off the printer, they go to between the throttle levers but if I click them (right or left button) they just disappear. The only way I can read them is if I don't touch them then angle my view around and backwards to read off the printer directly! I also had an issue recently where the printer noise went when I requested the fuel printout but no paper came out...do you even model running out of thermal paper?! Thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks Dave I will look up your ‘discord’ (as an aside, things have changed a fair bit since I left simming/vatsim 10 years ago, I now find myself accidentally featuring on ‘twitch’ videos from other online pilots!). re. The IAE vs CFM I knew they would be different but I am still amazed that the roll would be 2700’ and 17 seconds longer for same airframe / config / weights / speeds. I will see if I can do more digging (may take the lazy option and contact a couple of old buddies I know who were flight performance and powerplant engineers for an IAE operator and RR!). d
  5. OK, interesting tests, I don't normally use the CFM versions at all, and noticed better accel performance from that one vs IAE, more like what I was used to on previous models, off the ground in much shorter distance (2,700' less), but didn't seem to want to unstick at V2 (took +9 kts). The IAE continued to feel a bit sluggish and took longer to get airborne, but did so at lower (correct computed) speed and climbed slower. I started both from LFPG 08L full length. I will Google perf data to check what it should be roughly (and dust off my 1990s aeronautical engineering de
  6. Thanks Dave I will do that and take a couple of videos. I do use Simbrief (a bespoke AS A320 series set of profiles would be awesome), and also have been putting numbers into this >> A320 Take-Off Performance Calculator website to cross check, and the v-speeds are broadly in line between the website and AS A320. It seems to be more about acceleration/thrust to get to the speeds. I forgot to add in my original post that initial climb performance also seems poorer than I remember in all previous A320 models, often very slow to get away from the ground, then under 1000 fpm inti
  7. I have been having some pretty major issues with take-off performance ever since I switched from FSX Aerosoft A320 to P3D v4.5 Aerosoft A320 Pro (about 3 months now). The problem in a nutshell seems to be the thrust performance during take-off roll and initial climb. The problems seem to have subsided a bit now ever since I moved from using the onboard load planner to the A3XX Fuel Planner app, but this is not the whole story I think. When first moving to P3D and A320 Pro I followed all steps and used onboard planner. Frequently I would get A-prot and even stall on departure. Some
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