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  1. It's OK. I figured it out myself. I can see that some files have been inactivated by changing the endings to .off. At least now I can check which files are active and which are not, without having to rely on the broken configurator.
  2. Hi Regarding AntarticaX 1.3 in P3D v.4, I have been unable to get the AntarticaX.exe configurator to work. I have seen similar reports looking through these forums and I have also downloaded the replacement file from the update database, but it is the same. The error message informs me that it cannot set the season when I click Apply. I don't mind that it doesn't work, as long as I have some way to set the season. I assume the configurator just copies some text into the config.ini file, but since this file is empty I have no basis for altering it manually. I don't know
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