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  1. Thank you for answering. Loading the default Cessna did, in fact, allow me to use the FMS once again! However, the Chinese characters are still there. As previously mentioned, I use Navigraph to update my nav database
  2. Hello, Upon loading the CRJ in FSX: SE on the ground, I will set the aircraft state to "Cold & Dark" and follow the checklist on the DAVE system. Upon FMS initialization I will open the "status" page and see the following: The page will load with a bunch of confusing Japanese text (I should note here I update my FMS data with Navigraph) even though nothing on my computer has anything to do with Japanese text I will then subsequently load my "POS INIT" data like normal and as displayed below (I loaded FSX on the ground at MSP airport) However, the real problem arises on the "FPLN" page. When I attempt to enter my departure airport (in this case KMSP), the FMS will, for a very brief moment, accept the input like normal and "KMSP" will display along with "EXEC" in the corner. Then after less than one second, the data will disappear and the "KMSP" and "EXEC" will no longer be there. It is worth noting however the page does change to "MOD FPLN" and the option to "CANCEL MOD" becomes available just like the image below I will also note that my IRS were both on and aligned, the ground power was in use, I had not moved from the original position I loaded the simulation from, I had installed the most recent AIRAC from Navigraph, and the FMS would not accept ANY inputs for any fields on the FPLN page. What I did notice was that after taking off without the FMS programmed, It did accept my inputs but only mid-air. This issue occurs with each variant of the CRJ and after multiple restarts of the sim and loading multiple aircraft states EDIT: I forgot to mention, I am using the most recent version of the CRJ:
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