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  1. Yeah, I went back and forth on this. DRM in X-Plane was actually the reason I sent with the Marketplace as many of the devs for their planes use annoying DRM. I just figured MS wouldn't do that. I did just get it updated, but had to resort to uninstalling it and then re-adding it (via the in-game Download option), which is ludicrous.
  2. How does one go about updating the Marketplace version of the plane? I noticed during updating of SU7 that my CRJ is version 1.0.9 and there's several versions beyond this, but all I get is "Package Failed" when I try to update from within the Content Manager. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good FMS tutorial that includes some depth on editing a flight while in-flight? I'm getting into all sorts of trouble trying to amend an existing flightplan and end up with a path that looks like a zig-zag mess. I'm not even sure how to put in a direct to fix as all my attempts either put it somewhere I didn't click or just wipes out the fix I just clicked, but doesn't put the fix I want in that spot. Thanks
  4. I've been SLOWLY getting up to speed on AAO (old dog, new tricks) and bought a StreamDeck XL. I installed the Guenseli icons/scripts for it and it's working great (after a thankful assist from Oliver at Lorby). Now I'm curious if anyone's managed to take it further? I did some SIMPLE things like use the oddly unused icons in the Guenseli pack to improve the look of things. For example, I switched simple "on" icons with the icon of the switch actually flipped and used the colored CAUTION/WARNING icons to animate just like in the plane. All of my changes required nothing more than replacing icons. Now I'd like to find out if anyone solved some of the buttons needing to be pushed twice or how to add other items like opening the door (which I have working in AAO) and adding third states to some things like the APU going from START to AVAIL, etc. Anyone?
  5. THAT could be it. I do it just after retracting landing gear as a bad habit.
  6. I've generally found (and this may be part of the issue) that if I don't pull back at V1 the plane's trim just lifts me off smoothly all by itself and climbs at a nice angle.
  7. What might I be doing wrong given that most of my take-offs end up with the PULL UP lights triggering and the voice warning above? I take off at the proper V1/V2 speeds, I'm at about 15 percent climb and yet I get this. I'm sure I've goofed up somewhere.
  8. On the MS forums it's a given. You cannot fly near KDCA without crashing regardless of plane or settings.
  9. Has anyone seen custom flap mods for the Bravo that are specifically suited to the CRJ? Russ Barlow has done some work here on non-CRJ options: www.FlapModster.com There's also a guy on Etsy selling flap mods for jumbos, but nothing yet I've found for the CRJ.
  10. Has anyone gotten these working using simple 0/1 settings to buttons or are these more complicated? I tried just setting DOO_MAIN_DOOR_POS 0 and 1 for keypress up and down, but the door's not budging.
  11. Has anyone had a situation where this happens to them? I'm getting now when I turn on the Battery, but seemingly only when I run with Axis and Oh's and have the MASTER BATTERY L-Var assigned. I have it set to a keypress action with 1 on DOWN and 0 on UP (could possibly be the other way around) and that's tied to the Alpha Yoke's MASTER / BATTERY switch. Not exactly a complicated script. Just really curious to see if anyone else has seen it and might know how to get around it or get rid of it without having to lose the button assignment.
  12. Okay. Test completed. It's NOT anything in the Community folder (exclusing CRJ). Still crashed at 7nm from EYES. I had a hunch it was the NAVDATA for sure, but clearly not unless that stays in the sim without the files in the Community folder, but I don't think so.
  13. I said that. <grin> I own both apps and they really shouldn't be needed.
  14. Okay, THIS did not work for me. I have a hunch it may be that I run Navigraph NAVDATA, so next up is seeing how I do with no stuff in Community.
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