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  1. what i did was looked at the proformance menu and saw that it needed to be 7.2 and it was 6.1 i moved it to 7.2 and it works
  2. just fixed my issue it was my trim all along so every one can feel free to disregard this post thanks for everyone's help
  3. i do put it at position 8 and 20 and the issue still comes up
  4. crabby i had the park brake on so i can screen shot the flaps issue and il take a look at the performance page tomorrow i have to go for the night
  5. here is a link to the video i created of the issue in case you guys need more info https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZzkEQi0KvkbHe0VcY2EgJhiKUwgDiV4q/view?usp=sharing
  6. hey guys i just got the crj 550/700 for fs2020 and i put my flaps down to 1% 8 % or 20 % to take off and i pull back on my yoke and it wont takeoff cause its saying config flaps and i did that but it will not takeoff if anyone can help me with this issue please let me know thanks from airbus lover 380
  7. hey guys im using the fsx steam of aerosoft a320 but when im trying to take off my plane lifts up but will not lift its wheels off the ground and will not takeoff if any one can help me that would be awsome thanks from airbus lover 380
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