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  1. Hello Peter, Don't worry, I'm not frustrated. I like your program and the new version even better. Also I do agree that a developer has to be paid for his work. It's not the price, because it is not expensive. I'm just disappointed about that limited period of time. Never seen this before. Perhaps I'm getting to old to understand this changing world. But it is as it is. Lets close this topic. Regards, Mart
  2. Hi Peter, Thank you for your reaction, even if it is an answer I'm not happy with. Being a flightsimmer for many many years, this is the first time that I see a payware update with a reduced price for previous users is only available for a limited period. As you say, to bad indeed. Regards, Mart
  3. Hello, In June 2019 I bought Simstarter NG (version 19215) for my P3d 4.5 here at Aerosoft. After being away from flightsimming for a while, I installed my P3D 4.5 again and looked for things to update. I found out that Simstarter NG is not available anymore and the latest version is now called Simstarter NG P3D. There is no option to update to this new version. Do I have to buy this new version and pay the full price again? Regards, Mart
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