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  1. I wanted to pass along an observation that I have had occur twice when flying the NEW Airbus. This phenomenon took place when I was messing around and changed the Simulator Clock Time. Once I moved 'clock time' forward from 'Daylight to Dusk.' The other was a move in 'clock time' from Dusk to Early Afternoon. Both changes were from different simulator sessions/flights. Both changes were ~ 2-hour adjustment in time. The Aircraft was at cruise level and on autopilot. Once P3D made the 'time' adjustment and the cockpit view was re-displayed, I immediately noticed an erratic behavior of the Airbus following these (time) adjustments. This included erratic rolls and pitching behavior (I do not recall it being the same pitch/roll). It certainly appeared that the autopilot was NOT HAPPY with the Simulator Clock Adjustment. Following an autopilot disengage, I could hand fly the recovery and re-engage the autopilot and it would remain stable for the rest of the flight. In addition to the erratic pitch/roll behavior, the ECAM 'displayed' the engines in a 'not running state' (XX.XX). However, aurally (and visually) they certainly appeared to produce power. During one of these episodes, the ECAM data/numbers 'came back to life' about 15-20 minutes later in the flight. During the other episode, I was further into the flight and the ECAM did not come back to life until after landing and taxi to the ramp. I know! I know! Stop messing with the time adjustments! I had made some shader adjustments and wanted to see how they looked in various lighting. Just curious if anyone else has been making time adjustments and encountered anything similar. Asking for a friend. BTW, great product! Very pleased to have it back on the schedule. r, Mike
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