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  1. Fulvio_61

    Lightning AB problem with P3D v4.4

    Thanks, I'll wait for your news ...
  2. Fulvio_61

    Lightning AB problem with P3D v4.4

    Edit: the row of little lights appears on the side the fuselage, not under... Now I tried to replace all the files with those downloaded from one of your posts: "new fx for P3D v4.zip". With these different effects the Mk3 and Mk1a versions are back as they appear in the first screenshot of my first post ....
  3. Fulvio_61

    Lightning AB problem with P3D v4.4

    Hello Dave, yes, I had replaced the fx_2l file. For safety I redo the same operation, but I think the problem remains, indeed it worsened the visual effect even of the other version ... I do not understand why the afterburner anyhow looks different between models, if the various fx files and texture are the same for everyone. Could it be a problem due to the new version 4.4? I am attaching a new screenshot where you can better see the problem that you could not locate, that is the row of little lights that come on under the fuselage when I use the afterburner. These too are different among the various models: visible as you see in the F6 and much less visible (even as a number) in other models.
  4. Fulvio_61

    Lightning AB problem with P3D v4.4

    If it can help to better understand the nature of the problem, I also point out the one highlighted below.
  5. Hello, today I installed the entire Lightning series on P3D V4.4. I downloaded the file "P3Dv4 fuel.dll sound.dll and effects fixes.zip" and executed the instructions by deleting and replacing the various files. But I have a problem with the AB that only in the F3 and F1A version is correctly displayed as can be seen in the attached screenshots. How can I get the correct flame with all the versions? Thanks, Fulvio.
  6. Yes, I received their communication. Thanks Fireball ! Fulvio.
  7. Thanks for the explanations, Herman. Things are clearer now. WarHorse, I wrote to Pc Aviator about 10 days ago. I'm still waiting for an answer.
  8. I received the answer from the Aerosoft support: Hello Sir, you have to contact the seller (Pc Aviator). We are unable to send you the download. I will therefore have to trust in the seriousness of the retailer. However, I do not agree with this method. I believe the PC Aviator reseller paid a fee to Aerosoft to resell this product. So, considering that Aerosoft has also received part of my money, why not make the update available to those who can show proof of purchase?
  9. Hello Herman, thanks for the reply. I followed your advice, trying to register the product on the update site but unfortunately the Lightning is not on the list. I agree that the shop I bought it from has my money, but a part of it has had them also Aerosoft, as owner of the product. I believe that the process of transferring the file and making it available could last for days ... maybe the solution that I proposed is much quicker and safer for those like me who made the purchase elsewhere.
  10. Perhaps providing an email address to send proof of purchase, and when verified receive the link where to download the new model. Anyone ... maybe Dave?
  11. ...I bought my copy from PC Aviator, and I can obviously show my proof of purchase.
  12. The problem was exactly the saved flight. Starting with the P3D default flight, everything is back to normal with full tanks at take off. Even the sequence overwings, ventral, flaps then wings is now correct. Thank you, Fulvio.
  13. Hello Dave, you have hit the target, the problem is that. But I can only transfer the fuel between the wings tanks .... in the fuel situation as seen in the screenshot the engines stopped because the fuel in the two wings tanks is finished: but how can I select the other tanks, considered that does not happen automatically?
  14. ...the engines flames out. There is no way to relight, only bringing the fuel up to 60% using "Fuel and Payload" they start to work again. This only happens with the variant F6, not with the others. I use P3D v3.3. I wonder why . Thanks, Fulvio.