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  1. Sorry for the delay in getting back. This issue has now been resolved. I got in contact with VRinsight and they confirmed the same firmware is used for both products. What this did do was to confuse any profiles I had set up in FSUIPC. I started with a new config and this sorted out all the problems. Please close this ticket, thank you Steve
  2. Have posted it in hardware problems Dave and created a ticket
  3. If anyone has ordered one of these recently you may be able to help, otherwise this hardware will have to be returned to Aerosoft. My old Tactile panel stopped working a few months back The OLD TT Panel was recognised in windows as a "USB pad" and worked perfectly. The axes were correct in the windows calibration. I have the new TT panel now and windows recognizes it as a MS panel which I already have. These 2 panels are now conflicting with each other and is causing issues with the sim Can anyone confirm the firmware with the TT panel is the same as the
  4. Hi, thank you for your replies. It was actually delivered today despite UPS's website notifications, however I have a big problem with the hardware which I am going to have to contact support about
  5. Aerosoft, Please consider changing your carrier from UPS to someone else please. I have waited weeks for an order you processed and the dates have been changed on numerious occasions. It was due for delivery today so took time off to make sure I was here, but it is now 1620pm and they have now sent an email saying it wil be delivered Monday. I am a patient person normally but just to put it in context, I recieved a Honeycomb Throttle in 4 days from Hong Kong by FEDEX If they can do it, so can UPS Poor service, just for info
  6. I just noticed this thread, does this explain why I am unable to install my Frankfurt downloaded from another site where I purchased it. It is not accepting my serial number for some reason. Trying to install V2.0.0.1
  7. Same here too, seems to be multiple issues with settings.
  8. I believe that is the problem, I did not have the mini buses installed prior to the A330 and installed them afterwards so producing the different fuel planner. Thank you for guidance on this one. @GBNLL @Secondator
  9. I can confirm the same problem too with the error " The following error occured while attemting to load the saved settings. Index was outside the bounds of the array". I tried to place the saved settings xml back into the folder but no luck
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