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  1. @Mathijs Kok, It's a shame that this doesn't work yet, but it's nice that you are working on it. with Greetings
  2. It is not about the manual transfer of flight plan data into the MSFS2020 from paper to MCDU, but about the automatic import of flight plan data as a file via the import function of the MCDU into the flight computer of the aircraft.
  3. Dies ist glaube ich Euer erstes Flugzeug für den MSFS2020. Ich habe in der Vergangenheit unter FSX meine Flugpläne für Euren Airbus und andere Flugzeuge immer mit PFPX erstellt. Verfügt dieses neue Flugzeug ebenfalls über die Möglichkeit Flugpläne aus PFPX zu importieren wie ich es von früher gewöhnt bin? Im Moment ist PFPX für mich quasi nutzlos geworden. Kann sein, dass die Frage in den vorlaufenden 172 Seiten schon gestellt wurde, dann Sorry dafür. Schöne Grüße Or in english as good as google and I can This is your first aircraft for MSFS2020 as far as I know. In the past, I always used PFPX to create my flight plans for your Airbus and other aircrafts under FSX. Does this new aircraft also have the option of importing flight plans from PFPX as it was in the past? At the moment, PFPX has become practically useless to me. It may be that the question has already been asked in the previous 172 pages, then sorry for it. Best regards
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