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  1. I have run Prepar3d repair tool and it is working fine now. What I find interesting is that this issue only happens in UK2000 Extreme Heathrow Airport...... Thank you anyway Brgs
  2. Hi Mopperle, i did not installed any tool regarding shaders. i have reinstalled Aerosoft Airbus again and deleted the shaders folder but the problem is still there. All other airctafts ( qualitywings/CRJ and PMDG ) are working fine. Do you have any idea how to fix it? brgs
  3. Good evening, I have realized a couple of days ago When flying daylight I'm not able to see any of the following exterior lights working daylight: - NAV - STROBLES - BEACON If I fly during the night I have no problem. All them seem to work properly although they are not so bright as before. Any clue? Thank you Brgs Nuno
  4. Thank you so much OPabst. Great job Brgs Nuno
  5. Thank you. then, if I understood you message, with the actual AI engine we cannot expect to have this issue fixed We will have to see planes landing on 36 runways...... Nevertheless, thank you for your great support
  6. Hi Fellows, only one question regarding the interaction between the weather engine and this scenery. I have my LEMD airport working properly with north configuration ( Takeoff 36L/36R // Landing 32L/32R ). Everything is going smooth until I connect my weather engine ( Activesky ). Since this moment AI traffic does not follow the north configuration rules. Aircrafts are taking off and landing in runway 36R a L, sometimes taking off from runway 18R and L ( completly irreal ). do you have any clue regarding this problem? Thank you for your support Brgs
  7. Hi OPabst, here some screenshots form the issue we have been talking about. These are the holding points identified as to far from the runway and where the aircrafts get stuck. Hope you can fix it. Brgs
  8. Good morning, I realized that beside the control tower, the crew building still appears in this scenery. It was removed a cople of years ago, and now there is a parking ( with jetbridge ) on that position. Is it possible to remove that crew building from the scenery? Thank you Brgs Nuno
  9. Hi Opabst, The problem is with the holdong points of runway 36R. I have used ADE ( fault tool ) to check the holding points and it states that they are to far from the runway. I have edited them ( with ADE ) putting holding point closer to the runway and now it is working properly. Best regards
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