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    Useless texture as either there is no aircraft in the sim, or if you add a model, then it is black in the aircraft. Something is missing in the file.....
  1. Ok, no worries, I will double check the assignment I have in P3D and use Ctrl . Thank you very much.
  2. Hello, P3D v4.5, A319 v1.4.3.0 With the latest A319 update (v., I can no longer release the parking brake with the brake button on the keyboard or on my joystick. It worked perfectly well before on v and it works for my other addons, no problems there at all. I can still release it by moving around the flight deck with Chaseplane and click on the parking brake to release it, but it is cumbersome and not the way it should work. Are you guys aware of such an issue? Thank you and best regards.
  3. I have a similar issue with the latest update. The speedbrake lever does not physically move in the flight deck and there are no notifications on the ECAM, but the spoilers are definitely up on the wings.
  4. Done, thank you, I now have the newest version, v., installed. So far so good!
  5. OK thank you for that, I will have a look if it happens again. In the meantime, how do I update the various aircraft? The updater does not let me do it as I mentioned in the post above. Do I have to reinstall the whole thing from scratch? If so, do I install the new version ( on top of the old one (, or do I uninstall the old version first and then install the new one? Thank you so much.
  6. No, I am not using those updates, but it does not matter.... what I am trying to say is that IF there is a restriction in the RAD you have saved in PFPX (whatever version you may have), then it will "create" the fuel error message in PFPX v2.04 as we discussed above. I have fixed the issue as far as I am concerned. As I said, take it or leave it.
  7. Upon checking the Aerosoft updater (, it says I have version installed....and available version: / New Version 12 June 2021. FYI, I actually downloaded the aircraft on the 15th of June....! I thought I had downloaded the latest from the shop. However, I have 2 issues here: 1) The updater says version 1.4 is for P3D v5, I only have P3D v4.5 2) The "Update selected Product" tab at the bottom is greyed out, I can't "click" on it Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
  8. Thank you for getting back to me. I purchased the aircraft about a month ago, so I suppose it is the latest. Let me double check.
  9. Hello, Just wondering if there is a solution to the checklist/Copilot "freeze".... Quite often, the checklist/Copilot will simply freeze on one item of the checklist and there is no "skip item" option.... Once this happens, there is no way back, no way to get things going again. Any help with this would be appreciated... It is extremely frustrating! I already had to restart the sim twice today. Thank you.
  10. Well, I am not 100% sure this is what's happening, but the chances are... it is. I was working on a route from LFPG to LFBO.... It was giving me FL290 as max (Eurocontrol rule inserted in PFPX). If I was trying to force a higher level instead of optimum (FL350 for example), then it would give me the fuel error message. Once I removed the level restriction in the route restrictions (Altitude/FL restrictions) tab, then I could plan the flight up to FL350 with no error message and FL290 was not showing as max anymore. It is working for me, I do think this is where the problem is....Why it comes as a fuel error message, I don't know, but I have fixed the problem. Take it or leave it!
  11. That is what some "professional" flight planning software actually do, they use FL302 for 9200m, whereas you fly FL301.... I would not lose sleep over that.
  12. I don't know if you got it working again or not, but I have come across the same problem lately.... You are getting this error message because there is a route level restriction in PFPX. If you try to force a level above the restriction you get the error message. If you use optimum, then it uses FL240 which, for the route, must be the higher you can fly at. Why the message comes as "fuel exceeded..." is weird, but that is what it is.
  13. Thank you.... As I said, it is a little bit unpredictable at times, which forces us to be "proactive" in the descent.... LOL
  14. Fair enough, at least, I am not doing anything wrong, LOL Thank you
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