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  1. For me, if i set aft cargo to zero, the green ball jump to the left site,not to the right. how was yours cg ?
  2. FL150 160Knots what does he do there? with flaps 1 lol
  3. You didn't quite understand 1.Starting on the Gate without Msfs Flightplan 2.Simbrief to crj fms 3.on the gate, atc Menu, request flightplan from crj fms Works perfect with Flybywire And Msfs never changes the flightplan
  4. it is so complicated for the crj to implement ? flybywire works perfect, and ms atc changes not the flightplan, when i using Gate to start.
  5. I have the same problem even if airhauler 2 changes the fuel I will test this again
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