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  1. Forgot to list all my addons so update if it helps anyone advise on fix's I currently have GSX level 2 KLAX FSDream Heathrow Pro Orbx full set, Vector,Base, OpenLC EU and NA, Uk true-earth GBS, North cali, South Cali regions I believe some of the Orbx is causing me some issues with Some Objects from the GBS as I do have Duplicated Concords on the End of the runway and I have seen some buildings clipping into eachother if anyone knows how to resolve this I'd be grateful to. I've used FTX central to do install and as far as I was aware orde
  2. Thanks for the response OPabst, I do have GSX Level 2 installed
  3. Hi all, I am unable to configure the Sode gateways to work properly even following all the previous recommendations that work for other users. My Sim and My Addons are Stored Separately. So what I've done and tried so far. I've Installed Version 1.6.6 of Sode as at First I was getting awarning when running the bat file and throught It was refering to my Sim being open and being on an Older version of Sode, However turned out I was on Sode 1.6.5 anyway so one that didn't change the outcome, I've reinstalled heathrow multple times to no avail, same issue occurs I just keep getti
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