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  1. Hi I just had a weird issue with AS Updater trying to update the Airbus to from ASUpdater v1.1.5.0 appeared to update my airbus version successfully, however, the next time I ran it it reported that I only had version installed and gave me the option to install again. No matter how many times I let it install, the next time ASUpdater is run it thinks I only have installed. I checked the file versions and it appears to have updated the files correctly! Out of curiosity I then installed ASUpdater v1.1.4.0 which was linked to in a previous post and ran the Update again and now bothe versions of ASupdater report that the lastest version is installed, so I can only assume that there is a problem in ASUpdater v1.1.5.0 somewhere. Regards Mark.
  2. I'm only guessing, but it may be because there is no 'true' 2D panel for the Bus. If I recall correctly the 2D Cockpit View is actually a Virtual Cockpit viewed from a predetmined position to make it look like a 2D panel view (the old Aersoft Airbus was the same I believe). Therefore when you use the zoom, it is zooming the entire cockpit view just as with the VC. I think a True 2D panel view consists of 2 windows, one for the panel and one for the exterior, with the latter able to be zoomed. Of course I may be completely wrong!
  3. With regards to the CVR during the Cockpit Preparation Checklist, I have to click the CVR switch on and then off again for the checklist to continue. Is this correct behaviour? Many thanks, Mark.
  4. I experienced this same issue too. I didn't know where the CVR switch was, and I couldn't find it in the step by step guide, so I went hunting round the cockpit for it, and by the time I had found it the co-pilot repeated the call and then rapidly repeated all the previous checklist items again, and got itself confused!
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