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  1. Thanks Marc ! I realized because of lack of time from my side and also lack of "how to do" , that submitting the work to dedicated providers/builders/3D printers is maybe costing more but the result is here. And I have then "just" like a LEGO brick to assemble. The good news during all this (lets say) "sim lockdown" is that ifinally found a DHC6 mecanician who took time to take photos and mesurements i missed. On the sim side, FS2020 is ready with a lot of scenaries. The great tool FSUIPC (used to interface and script the sim) is also available for th
  2. No problem with that. The gauges can be reorganized by ourself if needed later. I am thinking of tool like 'FS Panel Studio' we got for FSX/P3D. I think we will have such tool for FS2020 Sorry for the confusion I introduced. Please continue this great work on this great addon !!
  3. It seems you missed a post I did on that matter (see below). Yes started long time ago because I love this plane and I thought it suits well a sim for different missions with wheels, skis, floats and bush flights. But in pause during this sanitary crisis. Working from home is putting me on knees... No energy to do something on it during evenings. And because i am a private pilot too, I prefer to go to the airfield when i am in shape to maintain my qualification. So here it is (please answer there if any question to do not mix in the current thread with the great ad
  4. yes a good look for those engines gauges ! It makes me throught that a day i got a remark on my sim cockpit from a real twotter pilot who said "why the T5 and prop RPM gauges are inversed ," ... I got no clue because I copied the DHC-6 TwinOtter-400 addon 3D cockpit I never asked to a real pilot group, I will now to know the end of the story But googling some real photos I see the T5 below the Prop RPM here
  5. @Mathijs KokAny idea on when the next Previews pics will drop? I'm Hungry I totally agree with you Marc. I am scotched to this post to have those crazy pictures of our favorite aircraft !
  6. Wonderfull work on this fantastic machine !! Congrats Anne ! I am happy to see the 300 series is kept. So my simcockpit will still be in sync this this addon. You made my day
  7. Thanks a lot. If you appreciate, it is because it looks like something I hope during xmas vacations, I'll be able to restart my suspended sim work during last summer. And yes I'll keep this post updated ! Have a nice continuation Stay Safe
  8. I am excited now ! A big encouragement to the TwinOtter team from a fanatic
  9. Thanks Mark. I'll take it as an encouragement
  10. To do not pollute this thread of the MSFS TwinOtter, I choosed instead to create one in the TwinOtter Extended forum. I have copied/pasted my posts i already published some months ago on the Almost Aviation forum dedicated to the TwinOtter too. It was more confortable for me than digging in my catalog of photos to illustrate my cockpit build around our loved DHC-6 TwinOtter addon. The thread is starting here: Have a nice week-end Bye Philippe
  11. BTW I am quite blocked looking for measurements from real DHC-6 machine but I do not find a pilot or a mecanic for that... If you know someone you know someone who can do one (or all) of those measurements, I will really appreciate it !! I'll keep you in touch to let you know how I continue this project of cabin. Thanks for reading Philippe
  12. The flaps gauge is on situation, working, but not yet fixed with the appropriate windscreen mount I have to build... The compass is mounted in his final box with the annunciators blocks. They are wired but I have to write LUA script to illuminate the leds. The compas is working well. The micromotor is turning the crown and is displaying same degrees as the cockpit 3D like you can see in the photo below. it is amazing to see the compas moving same as in the cockpit 3D of my fovourite addon
  13. The TEST panel The FUEL SELECTOR panel to replace this one : by this one: The FLOAT panel (used for amphibian version) I changed the top LED from yellow to blue because they are blue in the real aircraft !! The gear level will be used for the ski gear too... The Announciators Soldering the announciators.... I remarked here that the lights were not very efficient for the reading ... Dispite the fact I
  14. The overhead One particularity of the TwinOtter is that the engines handles are on the roof and we have some buttons on a overhead box like this I first made the handles from wood....; But after two years and knowing now that with a 3D printers it could be like the real ones, I submited the 3Dprint of the overhead handles (but the throttle ones, I keep mine in wood because of the reverse mecanism I imagined) Because my provider is now able to laser cut... it opens a new possibility for me to have engraved panels with a real professionnal look and the backlight feature !
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