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  1. I tried a flight with 0 PAX / 0 FWD CARGO / 0 AFT CARGO / 4800 KG FUEL and the performance seems ok. When I use the performance module to load up the a/c I have a problem. Everytime when I adjust the values the green dot moves across the weight and balance sheet and disappears totally (CG movement seems unrealistic). When I select "SET PAYLOAD IN SIMULATOR" I receive a red value for CG and/or T.O.TRIM. When I hit the "SET PAYLOAD IN SIMULATOR" button again the values change back to to green and the green dot is positioned within limits and takeoff trim is most of the time 7.3. Pictures below show my observation. Am I doing someting wrong?
  2. I do not know where to activate a signature...
  3. Please re-check, I signed my post with the Picture!
  4. Still flying at FL200 with CLIMB Power (90.8 % N1) and Holding 210 KIAS...already burned 4750 KG fuel in 1:45 hrs, probably not making it to EDDK ;-(
  5. I took off at EPWA (ISA +3°C) with a TOW of 35.8 tons (ZFW 30.975) (see piture 1). After lift off I was barely able to maintain V2 with TOGA Power (no FLEX temperature set and anti-ice OFF). During climb I managed to get 1.000 to 1.400 fpm and now I'm crusing at FL200 and with MCT and HIGH PWR schedule set (N1 93.6%) I hold 210 KIAS in level flight (SAT -23°C). As you can see on the pictures my gear, flaps and spoiler are retracted. Even when being so close to MOTOW the aircraft should be able to accelerate to climb speed and be able to climb with more fpm than currently available. If I'm doing something wrong then I would appreciate any help. Thank you...Michael
  6. The takeoff was at EETN (almost sea Level) with an air temperature of 5 degrees Celcius. I closed this flight already but will do one tomorrow to varify this behavior. Of Course, the flaps, spoiler and gear were properly retracted.
  7. Hi, it seems that the upper and lower beacon is illuminating the inside of the cabin which can be seen through the window.
  8. Hi, the performance model seems extremely low. With a ZFW of 28.9 tons I cannot climb with 290 KIAS, regardless of MAX POWER or TOGA POWER setting. At FL 200 (level flight) I acchieve 220 KIAS with max power (93.6% N1). When I start to climb with more than 500fpm I decelerate into the stall region. I remember having the the same problem with the (old) early CRJ model, but it was fixed.
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