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  1. I'm sorry, the email address should be EoFirmament@gmail.com Send an email, and I will provide a beta version for you to try.
  2. At the current stage, it basically takes your route and generates AS wind data of the oceanic portion for PFPX to use. You will have to complete many actions manually, but that could be improved in the future. Its effectiveness in improving flight plan fuel precision for PMDG aircraft is tested & true. Best, Marin
  3. Now that the update is released, it is apparent that this issue is still unaddressed. PFPX still uses WxSnapshot.txt, and the wind data over large oceanic areas are still wildly inaccurate. Tom has a point arguing that AS should not expect all developers to follow their changes to their API. However, the bottom line is, it is the developers', not the users' duty to coordinate with each other and create a workable flightsim software system. Because if the overall system is not workable, all the individual developers lose. AS and FSS are both influential developers, and I have to give FSS due credit for creating such a powerful tool like PFPX. We get it. Weather from Active Sky is a function mainly used by users who don't want to renew PFPX server subscriptions. Fixing the issue does not create profit, and without money, you can't continue developing addons. At the end of the day, it really has to do whether or not a developer is really reputable and responsible. Maybe instead of posting here, developers or users can use the time to read the ActiveSky_API document and actually address the problem, or contact AS and ask them to add "pseudostations" back into WxSnapshot.txt. It's not that hard. In the meantime, we at Project Firmament are developing a software tool to process wind data, and improve the accuracy of long-range flight planning in PFPX. We can be reached at ProjectFirmament@gmail.com. Try use children as adults
  4. I believe however the circumstance described by him/her matches the problem that we pointed out above. It's already been 5 months since I first posted this problem. As this is pretty much a confirmed issue, I hope the staff members from FSS can post a response here and tell us whether they plan to address it or not.
  5. The official response from Active Sky had made it clear: PFPX is not reading wind data in the right way and the method needs to be updated. current_wx_snapshot.txt does not contain the complete wind data, and all developers are expected to update according to their API document. The only reason for me to take a screenshot from skyvector is that Active Sky cannot display wind aloft in such a large area.
  6. Areas around jetstreams are the most evident Real Wind Data: PFPX: Areas between airports all have no real wind data. Please see Active Sky's response for detail Actually I am looking for any contrary report if that can solve my problem
  7. Thank you I think this is a pretty obvious issue and any user would confirm
  8. When PFPX is using Active Sky weather data, the wind data in large remote and oceanic areas are incorrect. I have spent a lot of my personal time researching this issue, and clearly, PFPX is reading AS wind data from current_wx_snapshot.txt. In this way, only wind aloft data over AIRPORTS are read, but not pseudo station data from other areas with no airport. This is obviously NOT the correct way to load data and is causing wind data for those areas to be incorrect and incomplete (with little or no change in a huge area). This problem is causing serious error and discrepancies when we are planning any flight through remote or oceanic areas. For other pilots, I don't know if you have also noticed this issue before, but I want us to discuss and share methods to improve the planning precision under such circumstances. I have already inquired Active Sky programmers about this issue. They said and I quote: "You can read about them in ActiveSky_API document located in the main ActiveSky installation folder. The recommended way of accessing weather data in your case scenario is the http based GetAtmosphere method, since it's faster, more flexible and more accurate (avoids time sync issues)." "We consider using current_wx_snapshot.txt a legacy method and moving forward we'd like to see more of the external applications taking advantage of the newer functionality we built in more than a year ago. So I'd strongly suggest you contact PFPX and discuss this with them." So can you address this issue and make PFPX up to date in the coming updates? And if possible please also give us a time estimate. Obviously, PFPX will still have more new users, and we are really looking forward to the solution. Thank you.
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