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  1. I fear this subject has been well canvassed and if so would someone please point me to the discussion. I see that F1 include the Otter as listed for reception (?) on their list however I can get a Garmin into the plane but not into the existing panel use area. It will only reside on what I think might be one of the numbered pages e.g. F11? Anyway, I've only been able to load a copy into an A2A panel but that might have been luck as I can't get through all the verbiage and determine how it should be done. Many thanks for any any advice. Ken
  2. Hello FinnJ, Your reply was very interesting and enjoyably humbling in too many places ... but then, most of what I wish for in a wish list is with tongue in cheek! My thoughts fwtRw, 5) the Radar Altimeter ... that was worth getting bawled out for! I feel like I'll always be learning more about this plane ... and for starters I like even more already 8) newer avionics ... well I can't be of much help there except there's just something not too current about trying to accomplish a "Direct to" in flight with that GPS ... wasn't I fighting with that same piece of equipment before Sub Logic sold to Microsoft? 9) FSUIPC ... I've owned all of Peter's stuff since he started and could never get comfortable with using it ... As for the Thrustmasters I can put both engines on one of the small "Axis" but there doesn't seem to be much "reverse thrust" ... is that a variable or does it WAD? 12) Compartment doors would probably be better "all open/all closed" on 1 Btn instead of the 4 buttons ... as a thought. 13) I'd like to see the ice forming ... am I dreaming? 14) Nothing wrong with it ...but I find the multiple checking "mind numbing" (except for flight checks) but I love starting the engines. So I'd dispense with the "Started" option and have her (1) "ready to be started" (pilot handles all from that point) or ... (2) the full meal deal of C & D. If that doesn't please everyone there's always Ctrl E. 15) That's a shame but no deal breaker. Maybe we should harass P3d ...! Or would the residual FSX people still be the dominant concern... 16) I could have left that one out ... you can always look out the window and see if it's raining 17) Copy that ... maybe it's my old age or need new specs but those gauges (Text) seem hard to see at times ... maybe that could be my excuse for not finding the Radar Alt .... yeah I like it! But ..... I wonder if sim airplane makers shouldn't give themselves some leeway to make better some of the obvious minor faults of the de Havillands et al ... none of us would ever know. Well it was great to have this time with you Finn and I really appreciate your educated responses ... as I said when I started my wish list "I love her almost as much as my dogs" Your time and response is very much appreciated. Best, Ken PS Doesn't every Turbine belch smoke from the excess unburned fuel on startup? And not previously mentioned but why do the cabin lights alight when you click the Panel lights?
  3. That looks challenging but worth the effort ... I'm gonna take a closer looksee ... Thanks for the pointer Mark
  4. I can understand that as a business decision messing with the Twotter is a difficult choice but ... "go big or go home" would be my inclination. The present model seems to stand on it's own feet very well but for those that are worried about "fps" and "costs" or are just plain happy with the plane "as is", they're not likely going to be in the market for much extra expense ... which leaves not much money to invest on up-grades. At the other end of that reality, those that are riding the future with the 64 bit and big machines will be looking for the next generation and are more likely prepared to pay for the fun. But what's clear is this plane is without competition as far as I know and if "essentially preserved" in any updating it would likely be a good investment into the future. Her future status might be easier to divine from the feedback of the pilots tuned in here ... although not a large body of the market we might be vaguely representative of the potential mood of future buyers for this great plane. I'd be happy with the status quo but I'd sure be excited to see some of the following ... and in no particular order of importance:- 1) a volume control on the altitude alarm ... or ear protectors! 2) executive cabin option ... flying 19 empty seats around ain't cool. 3) better control on while on the floats in the water docking etc . 4) disappearing yoke for dash visibility 5) radar altimeter - I do a lot of mountain flying 6) verbal checklist ... kinda like that idea 7) "Shiny new" versus worn & grungy, soiled dash & etc ... looks like you just bought a used car! 8) newer avionics with better layout but retain analogue ... don't want fly-by-wire and glass cockpits ... she was meant to be hand flown 9) reverse thrust is really valuable but hard to manage smoothly with buttons ... I use Warthog "axis" but a good system needed! 10) real good engine and other regular aircraft flying sounds ... 11) engine startup smoke belches 12) compartment doors assignments ..with control panel operation 13) proper icing system and visible effects 14) Starts only... a) cold and dark ...b) ready for start ... no pilot gets into his plane already started ... you have to be able to start your own! 15) any way to make slow taxiing smoother 16) I guess weather instruments ... but not a big item in my mind 17) make panel instruments identifying text bold and clear for easier reading and maybe a larger Attitude Indicator. 18) and keep all the good things you've already got in her ... and many thanks Mathijs for the invitation and opportunity to "shoot our faces off" ... The new 400 ... 68 on order for Viking. Best to all pilots, Ken
  5. Such a great plane to fly I'd happily pay for any improvements ... in advance if that would help! I particularly like the analogue instrumentation (and I see that we're going back to it with the resurrection of the Connie and the DC6) but please, no more "glass cockpit" ... but maybe some updating of the autopilot and by all means make the stick "removable" for better vision ... what about a "flip over" to the co pilot ... I've probably been at this too long (started with SubLogic out of Meigs) but I like the fact that you have to fly this plane and she responds gracefully when you get it right ... that's the enjoyment. Getting into a plane and putting everything on auto and then staring out the window ain't rewarding to me. Anyway, you've got a winner on your hands and I haven't seen any competition for her so just seems like good business to keep her ahead of the competition. Best to all, Ken
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