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  1. Hi Mopperle, I Uninstalled finally all my addons, P3DV4 and deleted all the simulator configuration folders, and after a clean installation, the problem with the views is now solved. Thank you very much for your information and support. Best Regards. Juan Carlos.
  2. Hi, I did all the things suggested except deleting files manually, but unfortunately the problem with the views still remains. Should I delete folders manually after the airbus uninstallation?. In this case, which folders? I did a backup of the airbus professional folder after the reinstallation, and then compared the aircraft.cfg files after launching P3DV4 and selecting de airbus aircraft, and they where identical (Same Modification date, and content) and I don't use EzDok, Chaseplane or another vieweing system plugin, so my case is different. I have tested other aircraft (Fslabs and PMDG) and all of them have the same problem with the views. I Think my P3DV4 installation, has gone corrupted (Perhaps a file) and I will ask Lockheed martin for support. Any more suggestions? Thanks in advanced. Regards. Juan Carlos.
  3. Hi, thanks four your responses. Tomorrow I will reinstall the airbuses and monitor the aircraft.cfg files. I will keep you informed. Regards. Juan Carlos.
  4. Hi mopperle, thanks for your answer. I don't use EzDok, Chaseplane or another vieweing system plugin, However I use Oculus Rift, Flyinside sofware and the Trackir V5, but all of them are deactivated when I try to switch the views and I didn't noticed any problems until yesterday. Another thing I didn’t tell you about is that I switched yesterday to a vr profile that launches Flyinside instead of P3DV4 with the SimStarter tool and (After that I switched back to the default runset profile) , and now, the oculus rift software is launched always when I execute P3DV4 directly and that didn’t happened before. but the headset is unplugged and the VR mode is deactivated. Any clues would be appreciated. Best Regards.
  5. Dear Aerosoft team, Since yesterday, I am having problems in P3DV4 with the aerosoft professional airbuses views(With the A318-319 as well as with the A320-321). When I change to a different view as you can see in the attached images for the MCDU I, PEDESTAL, OVERHEAD PANEL, REAR_LEFT_ENGINE views, the camera is shifted and skewed. The P3DV4 default views (like the Spot view) work without problems. The only thing I think may have caused the problem is that I used the Simstarter tool to switch to another configuration profile and launched P3DV4 after that. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the airbuses, to delete the P3D.cfg file so that P3DV4 generates a new one, to uninstall and reinstall the P3DV4 client and P3DV4 Content, to no avail. Now, I have arrived at the end of my wisdom. Please, can you give a clue to solve this issue?, Perhaps may I have to manually delete a corrupted file that contains the airbus camera positions? Tank you very much. best regards. Juan Carlos. A320 Family professional Bundle Date and order number: 27/10/2018 17:57:00 1120036989
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