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  1. Hi, I am trying to install the Aerosoft Airbus Pro for P3DV5 and I am getting a Feature Transfer Error which reads; Feature: P3DV4 (I'm not sure why as I have v5 installed and I am using an installer for v5...) Component: P3D_ROOT File: <P3DPATH>\ Error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect I have bought a new computer and this is literally the first thing I am trying to install. My user is an administrator and I have already tried re-installing windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cameron
  2. A little update - there is nothing in the event viewer after going into sim in a default aircraft then changing to aerosoft but this appears when going straight into sim with the airbus. Prepar3D.exe 60db69bf g2d.dll 60db6957 c0000005 00000000000f40b9 4ac 01d79689f2a3b7d7 E:\Lockhead Martin\Prepar3D V5\Prepar3D.exe E:\Lockhead Martin\Prepar3D V5\g2d.dll 7dad5319-f41c-4227-8a8e-dd0ac6d0c9e0
  3. Hi all I understand there are multiple threads with this issue but none seem to work. When I select the Aerosoft A320 family pro in P3D V5, there is always a CTD afterwards. If I select it straight from the opening screen, the sim crashes on start up. If I open with a default aircraft then change in sim, it takes about 10 seconds for the sim to freeze and crash. After both situations, there is nothing in the event viewer. I have turned my settings right down but this does not help. Default aircraft work fine. I have Nvidia Driver Version 461.92 installed as per older threads. The airbus is installed to a folder that is not the P3D Main folder. I am stuck as to what else to do, I feel like I've just wasted over £100 after buying both P3D and the airbus. Any help would be appreciated.
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