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  1. SP 2 was the problem. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!! Rick
  2. Sorry Shaun... I hit "add reply" expecting a dialogue box... not a "quote" to be posted.
  3. Hi Finn Yes all 4 C++ files installed. Sound is full acceleration. However... I do not have FSX SP 2 or FSX acceleration installed. Didn't like FSX acceleration when I had it on my last machine + just haven't loaded FSX SP2 on this new machine yet. Would that be an issue in this case ? Rick
  4. Operating system is XP Root directory is C:
  5. Thanks ! Yes, Ran ASC.dll for all models Installed C++ 2005, C++2008 Alas... still no "clicks" on either the Twotter or BeaverX
  6. Loaded the sound enhancement as per instructions.... But no "clicks" ???? Would appreciate any thoughts / suggestions. PS. Just bought the Seneca II and it is truly AMAZING !!!
  7. Very Impressed with this A/C ! My first payware + I'll be back for more. A couple of 'thoughts'... might be more convenient to have the autopilot at the top of the rt. side panel or as a pop-up... also, the ability to hide the control yoke.
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