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  1. We arrived at the Hollywood Burbank Airport - KBUR. It is impressive the immersion that this simulator transmits and how incredible it is to arrive at an airport in the middle of a super populated city.
  2. hello, thanks for the advice, I will take it into account for the next update.
  3. Hi, that wind farm is not part of our package, I have also experienced frame drops flying over them, unfortunately the SDK for now does not allow to exclude this type of objects, in the middle of the city we have three wind turbines that do not exist in reality and can not be removed. I'm sorry I can't help you with this problem.
  4. Hello. The 1.13 update that was published on our website yesterday has already been sent for review to the people in charge here at aerosoft. It will be a matter of days to prepare the installers and make it public, of course it will be free for all customers, we just ask for a little time. The update includes new custom Taxi lights, model based on a real sample of the airport itself, improvements in some cab lines, includes the main hospital of the city with its heliport and other new buildings of the Port, is a small but important improvement.
  5. Hello, the next update that includes the new cab lights, new cab markings and new buildings is totally free. It will be available soon.
  6. Preparing the next update. In this opportunity we bring you: * New Taxi Lines. * Custom Taxi Lights. *Acoruña Hospital with its Heliport. * New buildings of the Maritime Port
  7. Hello again. About your comment on the yellow cab lines for runway 21 I don't know if I'm understanding correctly what you are asking. It is possible that the turn at the end of the runway was too tight, which I will improve in the next update, but the rest is correct. About the yellow lines to enter the platform, you are right, they are a little separated from the center line of the runway, I will try to bring them closer in the next update, but in real life they are not totally centered. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Good morning. About the lights, unfortunately for me, when making the taxi lines I have used the SDK own lights and they are supposed to follow correctly the painted line, but unfortunately this is not working well since the last update of the SDK and the Simulator, I am working on adding custom lights and in the next update of the scenery we will have lights with the correct color, own models and custom platform edge lights. Thanks for your input.
  9. Good morning. I can't reproduce this problem in my simulator, in all our tests the Jetways worked correctly, this is totally new and strange. Let's find out what happened here. One question, is the plane in the picture yours or is it AI traffic.
  10. LEVC X is ready to work with SODE 1.3 but not until aerosoft authorizes no such version is released, to prevent other scenarios that work with 1.2 suffer any damage , static moment this friend .
  11. have patience with version 1.3 solves all that . LEVC this to get out has already installed the version 1.3 and all our tests are successful you can be sure that when other developers implement all 1.3 update will greatly improve performance, especially if developers use static models that are not active others.
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