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  1. Both flightplans were generated by PFPX. So, is there anything I can do to use PFPX to generate working CRJ flightplans?
  2. After I updated nav data I made a flight plan and loaded it into CRJ. It didn't give me Load error but I wasn't paying attention and didn't see that even though the plan was supposed to be loaded the route in FMC was completely empty (LJLJLSZH-Empty.flp). Than I made another flight plan in PFPX and this one again gave me Load error as all the previous plans I created for CRJ. I have Navigraph subscription and the nav data is up to date in PFPX and CRJ. So, there's no way I can load flight plan made with PFPX into CRJ - it either gives me Load error or the route is empty. Please help! LJLJLSZH-Empty.flp LSZHLJLJ-LoadError.flp
  3. I didn't. I used the installer from PFPX website.
  4. It is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Professional Flight Planner X". I found it in C:\Program Files (x86). Never thought of looking there since no other program installs anything there.
  5. PFPX does not appear in Control Panel, thee is no uninstall exe in program folder, running installer doesn't give uninstall option. How would one uninstall PFPX 2.03?
  6. Ok, that helped. Will this be fixed?
  7. Since I installed the RAD Restrictions and Directs file because PFPX was not able to build routes in Europe I stumbled upon another problem which prevents me to build flight plans with PFPX and use them with Aerosoft CRJ. If I leave Cruise altitude on OPT than I get Load error in Aerosoft CRJ when I try to import flight plan in FMC probably because the issue shown on screenshot "fp4.jpg". If I manually enter FL310 which would probably get rid of the mentioned error than I get the strange fuel error shown on screenshot "fp3.jpg". It says "Fuel required exceeds maximum fuel on board (8.946 kg) limited by tank capacity". The release fuel when Cruise altitude is set to OPT (which is FL210) is 2.566 kg shown on screenshot "fp2.jpg" but if I only change OPT to FL310 than I get this error. There can't be such a massive issue just because FL changed from 210 to 310. What's the problem here? I'm seriously confused and I spent many hours trying to solve the issue but no success. What am I missing here? Please I need help with this one, I'd like to enjoy PFPX and CRJ but when I solve one problem another one appears that prevents me from flying. fp4.jpg fp3.jpg fp2.jpg fp1.jpg
  8. Ok, I installed the mentioned files and now it works. Do I have to do that every AIRAC update??? Why? What exactly did I do by installing those files?
  9. I'm also using the latest Navigraph AIRAC. Regarding files... no, never heard of those.
  10. Sorry, I forgot to update nav data in PFPX. User error. Please, disregard.
  11. Why PFPX can't find a route from LSZH - LJLJ but can find a route from LJLJ - LSZH? I don't get it. What's the problem here?
  12. I have Aerosoft CRJ and PFPX. I can not load the flight plans made by PFPX into CRJ because I get Load Error when trying to do so. What exactly should I do to make this work?
  13. So, I guess I'll have to uninstall CRJ every time I want to update Airbuses?
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