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  1. Hi, this was the latest version of the 'bus downloaded last week or so, logging is disabled also. I couldn't load the file due to its size, and as I only have limited space, I deleted the file. If for any reason it should generate again, I will report back.
  2. Hi, after flying a few sectors today I noticed that I had a warning saying my SSD was full - I was confused, as it had a good 400gb free earlier in the day.. After searching through, I found that there was a file in my A318/19 folder called MiscD2D.log - which was a staggering 335GB! Firstly, any idea what is this, and secondly, why has it decided to take all my hard drive space.. cheers! Jakob
  3. Ok, so an update for you guys. I've found what's causing it. After also having similar flickering at Milan Malpensa (and googling to see if I could find a solution) - a fellow forum user mentioned that the way chaseplane cameras work, it changes the "ClipMode" in the cameras.cfg, and this is in fact what is causing the texture glitches. After changing the CM to "ClipMode=Normal" - the abnormalities have ceased. So as far as i'm concerned, this is now solved. Thanks again for the support, and all the amazing scenery!
  4. No worries, thanks for the help anyway
  5. Ah, fair enough. So I did a fresh reinstall this evening - fresh p3d, fresh Gibraltar, default generated cfgs, etc. No luck. Tried the replacement BGL - and it appears to reduce the flickering slightly (less noticeable from inside the aircraft on t/o & landing, however still carries on if you view from external, particularly around Gate 5, and the end of RWY 09 odd.
  6. Interesting, I haven't adjusted my cfgs in anyway but maybe a 3rd party plugin has (pta possibly?) The only other way I found the flickering stopped was to lower mesh radius right down, but at that point the rock dissappears. Anyways, thanks for the help, I shall resolve this, even if it means doing a full reinstall of P3D.. Main thing I found odd is that only Gibraltar was affected, when I have a large number of other sceneries by the same developer, and other developers, which are fine.
  7. Yes, the settings are as stated in the manual. However this is not an issue with P3D settings afaik. Looking through older forum posts, the previous version of Gibraltar Pro had a similar issue, caused by the file "LXGB_OBJ-GROUND.BGL" When I disabled the file, there is no more flickering, but obviously part of the scenery is missing. So it seems the default scenery isn't cutting through per-se - but more of an issue with layering within the bgls.. I appreciate i'm probably one of the only people with this issue - but I hope to find a fix soon PC specs - if it's relevant i5 4690k 16GB RAM GTX1080ti P3D is installed on a 1tb SSD (screenshot is with "LXGB_OBJ-GROUND.BGL" disabled)
  8. So I've still had no luck with the scenery, and it continues to flicker like crazy. It seems that ground textures are popping through (from the scenery itself) I've reinstalled both P3D, and Gibraltar - yet the issue continues. Other scenery I have works fine (including sim wings malaga, balaeric Isles, Heathrow, etc.) Is there any further way of diagnosing the issue, I really like flying into Gibraltar but its frustrating when the scenery is constantly glitching out. Thanks.
  9. Can confirm the default terrain entry is where it should be, and the AFX_LXGB_ALT file is there also, but still the issue continues. I've even tried re-installing P3D scenery - but still no fix. Baffled.
  10. Hi, Attached is the screenshot of the scenery library. ORBX Global, OpenLC Europe & Vector are all at the bottom of the library.
  11. Yes, and it made no difference unfortunately
  12. Hi, Recently since a reinstall of my P3D setup i've been having a bit of bother with Gibraltar Pro.. The issue can be seen in this video clip: Version: 1.10, P3D V4.4 Worth mentioning that previously I had no issue with the scenery, and I don't know why it's doing this now. I've tried many things to troubleshoot, including disabling ORBX, searching for any clashing BGL files, reinstalling the product and so on, but with no luck. Any advice / suggestions? Cheers.
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