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  1. Mathijs, when will we see a video showing off the landing gear animations?
  2. That's cool Mathijs, I totally agree. As you said it looks good, just not as good as you guys would like it to look. And I'm looking forward to the video next week. It'll be good to see the progress that's been made so far.
  3. Hi guys. When can we expect the next update? As always, great work! Thanks in advance.
  4. How are you guys getting on? Have you made any progress on the Landing gear?
  5. Hi guys. I'm getting P3d V4.5 crashing to the desktop with the 'Kernelbase.dll' error, with the Airbus Pro. Although loading up a default aircaft and then the Airbus seems to be okay, I just can't load the Airbus from the main P3D interface. I'm on Windows 10. These issues only started recently. Before it worked flawlessly. Weird. Any help will be greatly appreciated as i'm hoping to buy the A330 when it is released and i'm starting to worry that i'll have the same issues with that.
  6. Thanks Mathijs . That's really great to know. Is there any chance we could get a video showing off the landing gear animations for touchdowns and other things? I've seen the wingflex video and that animation looks excellent. Thanks again Mathijs.
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